Boxes on F24 form

06/09/2012 - 04:53

Ok, so I have got the modified F24 form, and I have got the printout of my rendita cadastale from the comune, and I have done the calculations. But I am now stuck. What do I put in the following boxes - Sezione, cod. tributo and codice ente???? Can someone help please?


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Thanks for that link. I have tried it out and have found out the numbers that I need to put in the boxes. I can see that codice ente is the code for the comune, but I still don't know what codice tributo is - but I have found the right one to use!

On the site I use it says it should be EL for all entries. Presumably becuase the code that follows shows whether it is the 50% for the state or the comune: Tramite il menù a tendina selezionare una delle seguenti tre opzioni: EL, RG, ER. Esse indicano, rispettivamente, l'Ente Locale, la Regione, l'Erario e cioè lo Stato. Per quanto riguarda l'Imu, l'Ente Locale è il Comune; quindi, occorre selezionare la sigla EL.