Gli Cavalli

07/06/2012 - 13:27

Mi dispiace che no scrive o parle molto bene Italiano. Volglio conscie gente che piace cavalli in Italia. Ce tanto.. Avere apassionato di cavalli. Lavoro co cavalli per 35 annos. Viene tutto che piace cavalli.



It's absolutely fine to type in English on this site. Probably it would be clearer. Maybe (I'm sure it is possible, but I cannot give you instructions) you could open a Group entitled Horses - or horseriding, or dressage, or any other English word associated with leisure use of horses. Probably it would be of interest, and appreciated. Pity it is so difficult to open anything useful with this bizarre site design, but maybe you could persevere!

Google wont translate much from Italian into English that makes sense Alexcal, but my Italian probably doesn't make sense either, so don't worry about it...