Philadelphia warning

07/09/2012 - 17:49

I have just bought Philly to make a topping for a cake, and sadly did not taste it before adding icing sugar etc. It is not the same recipe as the English pack but instead is a savoury sauce! Luckily the sweetness of my Hummingbird Guinness Cake masked the topping as I had taken it as a gift to a neighbour who we were dining with.A word of warning... don't make a cheesecake with it as it is very salty, use ricotta instead.


Buy Philly always, make cheesecakes too - its exactly the same as the normal Philly.  Of course if you buy some expensive version with tuna, Swiss chocolate or thousand island dressing it wont taste the same... 

Isn't it full of cr*p and E numbers? I'm sure it's made in a huge chemical plant, somewhere desolate. In a moment of weakness I bought some of the tuna flavoured as a short-cut topping for crostini. Dreadful, served me right. Terry