Camping starts on Friday

07/15/2012 - 12:34

I thought I'd do a post as nobody else seems to be saying much. We're off on our car journey to Italy on Friday morning (for the fourth time). I haven't been put off by all the negative comments about roughing it camping, and I have been energised by people who seem to know that camping can mean fresh air, the chance to stop whenever and wherever the fancy takes without prior arrangement, independence and a young heart. My family are frowning, (they know I like my hairdrier), but then they only know package holidays and pick up at the airport! I'm a pensioner (really?) and it could be this is the start of more off piste camping stop-offs on our way to the place in Lunigiana (and back). I'll have my car there for 6 weeks whilst Allan pops home for a week or so to check up on the business, and I'll show my Italian neighbours what an independent woman I am driving here and there, exploring everywhere alone, whilst the other half is out of the country. My counterpart Italian neighbours wouldn't dream of going off alone, they stick to home and the ktichen. How independent I can feel - not retired, slightly out-of-the main-stream, an aging ex-London gal - not a has been at all. How can I convince them??I know, get my daughter out for a week! Yes, she's coming. Watch out Lunigiana.


I love camping. You cannot beat it. Any kind of camping. Wild camping, camping in small sites, large sites with all types of facillities ( lots of sites have on site hairdryers), in blizzards with 3 foot of snow on top of tent when you wake in the morning, in the mountains with only a stream for washing and drinking & a wayside fire to cook on. Carrying everything you need in yer sack and feeling totally free to roam and set up "home" where ever you please.  Falling asleep in your sleeping bag staring up at the stars. Experiencing total darkness & silence. It's a great feeling. We spent years camping in Europe & the U.K & am just about to set off for a couple of weeks camping today. We don't mind what the weather is like, ( although some sunshine is always welcome) because as we all know, it's not just about the weather. I have slept in 5 star hotels, caravans, campers, luxury villas and some of the best experiences I ever had has been under canvas. So, FromNowOn , have a great time and let us know which sites you visit and how much of a great time you had. Happy Camping!smiley