Tessera Sanitaria

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07/13/2012 - 05:06

I have just received my tessera after a lot of chasing. It is only valid for one year. Is this normal?



It depends. In Marche where I used to live they were only giving out tessera's that lasted 12 months at a time. You had to produce all your docs again in 12 months time to get the next 12 months. If you are not an EU citizen then it should correspond with the expiry of your permesso unless your health authority has the same rule that the one in Marche did of only granting 12  months cover at a time.

we have been resident since 2006 and my first TS was issued with scadenza of 23/8/12.  I have just received a new one with scadenza of 24/6/18 - 6 years!  Place of birth has changed on the new cards from Gran Bretagna e Irlanda D to Regno Unito.  My son and I both received new cards early however my husband has never received one from 2006!!!

Ripatransone comes under San Benedetto health authority (AUSL 12 - Ascoli is AUSL 13) and not Ascoli Piceno Karen. The health authorities didn't used to correspond with the Provinces but some of that has changed a little. For example Amandola (where I used to live) was AP (AUSL 13) but is now under Fermo (AUSL 11).