question for ronald

05/13/2009 - 08:54

Hi Ronald,ok, trying to understand it...if you post in the open space, is it sort of like twitter where you are posting into the ether?Is there a space where you can see all posts, by everyone?is there are way of searching for posts?Is there a way of following/searching for posts/threads that are not just by one person, but are linked by keyword or something?Is there a way for threads to develop where you can see all the questions and answers like the forum?sorry but I just read the manual so far and these are the questions that immediately occurred to me...


Well, I have found that if you go to the MY_UNREAD_GROUP_POSTS link on the right, then there are three tabs that show "new stuff".....both yours & Joy's came up when I selected the MY_UNREAD tab.

Hi Garda - we are creating the views as we speak, a bit like having the guests over but you are still in the kitchen doing the antipasti There are going to be several different ways to slice and dice the content so in a way its forums enhanced.senti - let me get back to getting things online and you will see what I mean