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08/21/2012 - 18:55

Can anyone recommend an online UK food company that delivers to southern Italy? Have found a few on google... are there any more?Thanks


this is not intended as critical.But could you be more specific as to what you require because some things (probably more than you think) could be available in the greater area where you are...which is?

In the early days we occasionally brought Heinz beans and packs of bacon as a "just in case". The bacon was eaten fairly unenthusiastically; the beans are still in the cupboard. In fact the only English provender we use regularly is Coleman's mustard. Whenever back in UK we eat all  of those products with great gusto, so for us it's a context thing. The joy of what is available in Italy is a constant delight to us - we eat much better and far more healthily here. Buon appetito Terry

An English company working in Marche delivering all over Italy, worth a look at the web-site. (Angie ducks to avoid the flak)...but as has been said before we should be promoting people who are brave enough to come here and start up a buisness, which provides a service not just to ex-pats, plenty of Italian customers as well. 

Oh dear, I forgot that I drink a cup of Twinings Ceylon tea as my early morning start, and the only cup of tea I have in the day. It does have to be brought in but a couple of 50 bag packs last a long while.

What bugs me on this site is that people ask a question (be it reasonable, stupid, been asked before etc) and then when others reply to them they just seem to drop it. Please if one asks a question, to which community members have taken the time to respond to, at least respond with a 'thanks for that' or something. If this doesn't happen then 9 times out of 10 the tread just goes off at a tangent with chit chat . Speaking of that, don't you find ............

Would be quite happy to support the LBFS, but at their prices it is not feasible. Went to the Pakistani shop in Corridonia yesterday. 375 & 400 gm mango chutney @ E2.30 & 2.50. 700gm Thai Sweet chili sauce E2.50.

Never mind Angie.  Yes, did tell you where it is. Just as easy to buy it ready made. Did hope Sebastiano would let me know where the Chinese food shop is, but nothing forthcoming. My suggestion would be that the LBFS concentrates on British food and not on Indian, Thai etc.

Badger, The chinese shop... It is near the girasole commercial centre where OASI is? (Campiliogne) ....on the fermo road from servigliano, piane de falerone etc .....turn left (I think) the last road before you come to the newish road junction, I think it is signposted for a post office and a COAL shop. It is only 100mtrs along once you have turned left and you cannot miss it S

What bugs me on this site is that people ask a question (be it reasonable, stupid, been asked before etc) and then when others reply to them they just seem to drop it. Please if one asks a question, to which community members have taken the time to respond to, at least respond with a 'thanks for that' or something. If this doesn't happen then 9 times out of 10 the tread just goes off at a tangent with chit chat . Well Leaf has not signed in for over 3 days now, so can't be that important!! Not a interactive site ........... apart from a few!!

Thanks Sprostoni. Found the Chinese shop easily from your directions. Good range in there and even fresh-ish pak choy and snake beans. Prices are reasonable as well. Bit rushed, as needed to get to other places, so did not get to have a full look round, but will make another visit.

Lidl (@ Castel di Lama) now stock Salad Cream, printed on the label 'Salad Cream' in English, not as acidy/vinegary as Heinz or C&B, but quite light and tasty. 'Light' version available also. Horseradish Sauce at the Coop; called 'Kren' but Horseradish all the same. As good as Coleman's; packs a real wallop. Co-op at Castel di Lama even has 2 varieties.

Great thread..Thank you.I buy a lot of stuff over the internet from the UK where it is cheaper and there is so much that you can't get here, so I find this really useful.

Thought it better to post some web recipes, as we just cook by taste, but they are very close. Have loads you may enjoy, but know Robert is vegetarian. Just let me know.

I have ordered from this website: They have a very wide range of stuff, and you can get a package of up to 25kg delivered by courier to Italy, I think that the delivery cost was about 16 pounds.  It was sent on a Thursday and arrived the following Tuesday.  I thought that this was a very reasonable sum for such a heavy packet; you could also pool an order with others too.

Hi Angie. Had a recent visit to the shop and bought a few more things. Found it was easier to look up what I wanted on the internet, with the Chinese shown for products not in the English language. Managed to get salted plums (a aquired taste, but wife really likes them) and Black Bean Sauce, as these were difficult to explain in Italian. With the above, a can of Straw Mushrooms, 2 of Bamboo shoots, Pak Choi, Light Soy Sauce. E8.50 for the whole lot!! Saw that they had some lovely large crab claws in the freezer, so those will be next for a Steamed Fish Curry, with Swordfish, Prawns, Squid in a Coconut Milk sauce, (or Singapore Chilli Crab). Have to cook that in Cabbage leaves unfortunately, as cannot find the Banana Leaves. Anyway, now have the Hoisin sauce for the Peking Duck, so all looking better each time I go there smiley

interesting how the poster of the original thread has not replied thanked or shown the slightest interest since it started (you're right badger!) However happy to hear,of course, that all the others are finding their needs satisfied in one way or another.I have to say however that buying from an "eco -green" business in the UK ( considering the huge amount of organic food stuffs available in Italy and especially in the Marche) then getting them shipped across europe is about as green as my gas guzzling pick up truck.Idon't care personally, i just thought it a bit strange as "green" people usualy have an issue with 0 kilometers etc.....  

sebastiano................I agree with regards to the response (or lack of it)...........I think it would be common courtesy to show appreciation.......... Having said that................I'm sorry if I have not shown my own appreciation over the years! S devil

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thank you sprostoni.Actually food always sparks off quite varied and interesting thoughts.I think one could say that,in general gastronomic issues,britain,for example is quite a homogeneous society.Of course you'll get a bit more salmon if you live in scotland or more sea food if you live at the coast etc but more or less for the rest it's distributed all nationally.Interesting how different italy is in this respect.For example.i particularly like eel (roasted,in umido,smoked...) around here it seems to be hardly eaten at all and worst you can't even find it, however if you go to  the triangle around the Po delta ,roughly,from chioggia to the north,Ferrara to the west and Comacchio to the south you'll find it in EVERY restaurant all year round in a dozen different ways and is readily available in shops,markets and supermarkets.i also like soft goats milk cheese (often prepared with varieties of herbs) also almost impossible to find here but i've found some producers in the mountains in Piemonte where it is common and widely found and eaten.Red beetroot which actually grows well here and i do, is hardly eaten,i gave a jar to my neighbour (beetroot in wine vinegar) he wouldn't eat it sustaining that beetroot was "per i porci"(eventhough his old mother ate the lot and liked it)BUT if you go to Emilia (modena/bologna) they eat and grow them normally there.The list could go on.The point was,in fact, that many foodstuffs of excellent quality are available in the country..but not everywhere.So before one has an immediate reaction to import it fronm abroad it is worth while finding out first as it could well be available and one can order/purchase and get it delivered from some other region rather than from another country.i've found a few on line operators absolutely serious and can access delicacies from all round the country.  

If you go to the Chinese shop, then do not buy the "conserve of bamboo", as they do contain MSG. It does not worry us, as we use them in stir fries, or as nibbles, but I do remember you saying about Robert having a allergic reaction to MSG.

thank you very much,badger. no i didn't know them but will look them up shortly.this just goes to show how if one looks around a bit one can actually find more than meets the neon lights,supermarket counters...great and you actually talk to somebody...

Sebastiano, I'm very interested that you enjoy eating eel. We like to try most things but our one attempt at cooking eel was such a disaster that we gave up. Obviously we were doing something very wrong. Have you got a failsafe recipe so we can have another go?

Alma, we have eel when we can get it but always on a Christmas Eve (Family Napolitano roots). When you get them they are generally live ( this does tend to freak them out at the check-outs when the bag you have them starts to move on it's own, watch out for the screams ) as that is the freshest way but also some laws apply to who is allowed to kill them. The best way to 'dispatch them is by putting them in the freezer, and let time do it's thing (we're assured that the just go to sleep). When you are going to eat them obviously thaw them out then cut off the heads, and gut them, not much guts so relatively easy; then chop them into two inch lengths, dust with seasoned flour and fry them up, skin and all as that goes crispy. Serve with some bread and a hunk of lemon as a first course. YUUUUUMMMM !!

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Eels....................give me a pork pie anyday !! S

Baby eels are considered a delicacy in the North of Spain. They cost a fortune, about 1000 € a kilogram and even more at Christmas time. I do not find them particularly nice. They are eaten sauteed in olive oil nd with plenty of garlic... In my opinion, they taste like spaghetti...  but I would be excommunicated if I dare to say that...

I would say a bland flavour... the condiments and seasonings are the important part of the dish. Actually, they make two types of mock baby eels, one is "surimi" based and the other one is plain pasta, but they take the trouble of painting the eyes to the "baby eels".They are boiled in fish stock to give a bit of extra genuine taste. But I do not like them. I guess that it is the same with snails... 

Just confirms my opininon that Spanish cusine is not a patch on Italian. No Italian would bother either cooking or eating something that didn't taste good. wink