Digital radio

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09/05/2012 - 15:45

I brought a couple of digital radios out with me when I came here in the hope of listening to Radio 4. I know I can get the radio on my laptop but would love to be able to listen to the 'Today' programme whilst still snuggled in my bed. Does anyone know if/when this will be possible in Italy?



This DAB stuff is (and always was IMO) dead in the water. It was a technology which some long forgotten Brit Gov inflicted on the UK - only the Swiss got taken in by this notion, and they made it semi-work. Even the Swiss have seen the light and killed it. Forget it. It ain't going to happen for you. If you have even a dial up connection in Italy you can stream live radio 4 no problem. Get an internet radio, there are some which do radio alarm stuff if you need to wake up to the Today prog it's no difficulty - but don't even consider DAB. Look at Amazon for internet radios - Roberts are trying to reinvent themselves in this market with some success (battery powered, take it into the garden!) - and if you can't (or don't want to do) wifi, then there are internet radios which accept a LAN connex by cable.