Where did all the posts go?

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09/12/2012 - 18:16

As the title says: Where did all the posts go? There was a thread running which became quite interesting re. the economic climate and I can't see it anywhere. Neither can I see my own posts in that thread in my history. Is there a mysterious admin at work (who I thought didn't exist anymore) or is this a software glitch?


Hi Gala, is the same admin who drove off or blocked the person referred to in this post the same that drove off fillide? other members say in fillede's post that no admin exists or no moderation takes place on this forum - i'm confused. edit: sorry should have said community

Joy, Thanks for your kind advice.....however as I said............. 'whilst I think we should have all angles discussed and debated, to go on and on and on about doom and gloom eventually gets a bit depressing.' I do not see this as burying my head in the sand ! Rather, it suggests that I have been reading (and participating in) most threads regardless of their nature ? Thanks again, S

I believe that only the Administration can ban a member. As far as I know, there are no Moderators in the Community and even in the old Forum I do not think that they were able to do that. I think that they could only edit posts.  Concerning Fillide, it was FIllide,s decision to leave and the goodbye post mentioned unsatisfaction with the current state of the Community. It is a member's privilege and I do hope that it will be a temporary "leave of absence" as Fillide is a valued member of the Community.   In any case, these two matters have nothing in common. It should be remembered that this space is part of a site run by a business and that the Adminitration can decide whatever they want. We, as members, are their guests, we do not own the site. Derogatory or detrimental posts are not going to be in the interest of a business promoting Italy. And, it is my understanding that this has been the spirit behind the banning of that particular member.

Esme Dear, why would you get banned? I can see how hairylice may as he accuses people of various things, but you .......well beside being a tad annoying!!!  wink

Must admit I do not frequent this site often, but it has been of great use. Recently I've logged on more often and noticed many, many minor problems with the site which includes "missing posts". In fact the  "missing posts" did turn up again a day or so later. This and other problems to me smack of a system (not the forum) creaking at the seams due to lack of housekeeping and management....

I think that a certain Poster has had a slap, and been banned along with all the posts that where commented on by Him/Her removed. Beware the stalking Admin.... dahn dahn dahhhhhh !!!

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I do believe you are correct. I'm quite pleased if it is true as, whilst I think we should have all angles discussed and debated, to go on and on and on about doom and gloom eventually gets a bit depressing. I'm sure that there are lots of good news stories around as well. S

Definitely Admin as a new post was edited due to an advert!  Sprostoni - Please don't bury you head in the sand - sometimes good ideas can come out of debating stuff and there's no getting away from the fact Italy does have problems.  If you have good news stories then please start a thread on them - they will be welcomed! Joy

Well that's a turn up for the books - he is very active on another forum where he is now the only participant!!!!!  He would put the same posts up time after time which really were doom and gloom to the extreme.  It has got to the point where he replies to himself..........bizarre!

Sorry, but you are misinterpreting Fillide's words. It was a reference to a thread on inheritance that was public originally and later on it was edited and transferred to a group. See Charlotte Oliver's reply on the same thread. I think that Fillide also misunderstood what had happened.

Hairylice!  Hairylice!!  Hairylice!!! Flip - I have no idea if you are male or female, but it really makes no difference to me as the name "Hairylice" has made me fall head over heels in love with you. Who gives a monkeys poo who gets banned here except the 3 wise morons?

Though I am new based on what I read she gives both the impression of mechanically not being able to due to being blocked and not feeling welcomed to send in a message. I am left thinking that she may have the choice somewhere in here ? I don't know for certain about any of it ?

Yes, Ms Belsito, it is dfficult to understand certain messages and threads when you have just joined. But I am convinced that, in the case of Fillide, it was a misunderstanding due to a thread that was transferred to a group with restricted membership (you have to apply and be confirmed by the person who created that particular group). Because I belong to it, I can fully understand what happened. It was nobody's fault and I do hope that FIllide will return in due time.

I think you'll find is is some ones fault; when a post that is in the community domain and commented on by people in that domain, is hi-jacked to a private area, at the very least they should have the common courtesy of informing people of such actions. I think it is very high handed of some, the attitude they present to Community posters that they are maybe not worthy of contributing. Beware this is a very slippery slope toward censorship, which I feel Fillide is rightly aggrieved.

Totally wrong! The thread that was the cause of the problem was originated by Ani-Boo (a new member) and the topic was an Italian heritance. It was then forwarded by her to the Italian Inheritance Law Group, which has 43 members, as suggested by the Group's manager, Charlotte Oliver as she said on Fillide's thread. I have not discussed anything with Charlotte, who is a most valued member of this Community, but I am absolutely certain that her suggestion was in order to have all relevant threads under the group's heading. Nothing sinister, no plotting. All very sensible and normal. Certainly, this does not go along with your "group"'s line of disruptive thinking. But then, we are not the type of members who get banned and come back under different identities. We do not need to do that. Do you get the message Flip, formerly known as Gromit?  

Firstly I do not have any 'Group', and find it incredibly pompous of you to suggest that anybody who deems to have a different view on matters should be classed as 'disruptive' and clearly from your stance on these matters, and as I pointed out earlier you wish to 'moderate' peoples posting to a format which 'you' fond suitable. Secondly I have been a member of community, with a different user name, but I was not banned but left, as I was yet again under whelmed by the high and mighty attitude of some others here. Lastly I can confirm that my previous user name was not Gromit (whoever the poor person was) and this yet again confirms my opinion of the overbearing pomposity and arrogant attitude some have here.

I don't post here often but I do keep up. I didn't have any problem with the views expressed by the poster who cannot be named. He was  repetitive, since people kept disa greeing with him. His views were perfectly valid. Maybe he was too repetitive for some, but then so are some others, aren't they Gala?    

Over the years, from the times of the now defunct Forum, we have had to endure bullying, harassment, insults and inuendo from your "group", "gang", "mob"... or whatever you want to call yourselves. I do not need to mention you by name, the real members of the Community know you. We generally put up with you, treat you like "naughty children" until you go too far. Your "interpretation"of what happened with Fillide and your insinuations about "censorship" are a bit much. And I think that the Administration has been showing exceptional tolerance in your case. The door is wide open. If you do not like it here, you are free to go and create your own Forum. You did it in the past. Why do you want to come back here if you are unhappy? Just to create havoc and create a negative atmosphere? What a waste of time and energy!

So you confirm it, anyone who holds an opposing view to you (and maybe your little gang, whom ever they are) should be treated as a 'naughty child'. I have never once bullied, harassed or insulted (well only ones sensibilities) any one directly and for you to accuse me of being someone who I am not to assuage your own Paranoia is frankly insulting to the other members of this Community. To use the royal 'WE' as if you stand up for the moral majority is again pompous and presumably only done to flatter your own Ego. If you look at my posts my aim is to help people here, but I should not have to tolerate any forms of Censorship or elitist behaviour from fellow members of this Community this is the job of the Administrators as it is their site. So when you dain to dismount from your High Horse, and not treat others as miscreant scally wags, then perhaps I will show you some respect, but don't hold your breath (you can of course, that would suit me fine !!) F

No, it is not the truth as it is not the truth the interpretation given by Flip of the incident that led to Fillide's departure. Don't make me laugh with your claims, Fip. Only two days ago you disclosed personal details about myself and the fact that my home was in the market And you pretend that you are not Gromit. He (Paul) was the ony person from Bagni di Lucca in this forum who knew about it through an agency he works in conjunction wit and also because I had asked him for an estimate for regular cleaning of the property. So, if you are not him, you are a close associate. And this represents a breach of confidentiality. And if you were not banned before, why did you have to come back under a different identity?  I do not bully people, I do not insult members, I always try to help members and welcome them. If you suffer from an inferiority comples, it is not my problem. And it is rather obvious that you do. 

Neil - not sure whether you saw my earlier post you might have missed it.  Hairy single handedly has created havoc on another forum - well it might look as if there were various people involved but they were all him - very very bizarre.  95% of his posts were monologues about the decline of italy - posting extract upon extract of stats/newspaper reports etc.  everyone of the postings about what a state the country is in - and yes it's not in the best of states but dear god - it was SO depressing.  He would post under one name and then answer under another and so on - it just became so tedious that it was really difficult to see what the point was - apart from pissing everyone off.  On that forum everyone left and now there is just him - hence why he has moved here and if he's able to will join under another name. I think different perspectives is really important - I tend to be someone who looks on the "bright side of life" and consequently sometimes don't think things through in terms of things that can go wrong - so having people that post different views for me is important but if Hairy did what he did on the other forum there would be no views expressed as everyone will have walked........ Mind you Hairy would then have 2 forums to continue hs monologues on!!  laugh

Actually Gala, I used Google , as you're so fond of your Water mill in Bagni Di Lucca, I just entered that into Google and lo !!! What comes up 3 or 4 th entry. This confirms that you are Paranoid, as I have absolutely no connection with an Estate Agency, my expertise is in another field. So if you choose to blab about your personal  details on the Internet to a forum of complete strangers, then don't be at all surprised if things turn out like this; you should have more sense. T This is a warning to us all here, be careful what information you let slip as it could come back to bite you. So Gala when you are ready to apologise for these wild accusations, I will accept it magnanimously.

La Dolcevita, who is Hairy? If you are referring to the comments in my post it refers to a certain Beeryspice (HAiryLice) !! P.S. to Gala having re read your post in fact I am a Woman, so am mortified that you think I am a Paul; and if you think this constitutes a 'Breach of Confidentiality' then feel free to bring a Civil Action against me.

Ah silly me..........Judecas is Hairy but you wouldn't know that!!!  No wonder you were confused!!!!!  I was referring to Judecas who is currently going by the name of Hairy on the other forum!!! No wonder he posts such doom and gloom - having multiple personas to keep up with must be mentally and physically draining

Thanks Flip, you have just confirmed what other members had told me. You are just one of the many identities for Karen/Esmee/Anastasia/Juliancol.... and many more. You get banned and you come back. Sometimes you adopt different identities at the same time and you answer your own comments and questions.  And I am not going to bring a Civil Action against you. You are not worth the trouble. 

I am not and I repeat NOT that person, and if you would like to ask your chums at Admin to check the IP address of my posts and the ones of Karen/Esme/ Anastasia etc.... then they can confirm that they are most radically different. So I suggest that you stop making a complete ass of yourself in trying to deflect the fact that you are as bad as  'her'  in trying to implicate someone in your poor delusional outbursts, and my offer of forgiveness still stands if you just admit that you are misguided in this. Oh and the reason I re-registered (to quieten your Paranoia) is that I had forgotten my P/W and login details as I had been living in another country for sometime; but why I should have to explain myself to you of all people is crackers.

Oh, no, playing the victim's role now! What is next??? Flip, don't try to fool us. We have seen plenty of conversations between yourself and your "chums". And the Administration are not my "chums". You are trying to insult me, but I am not going to retaliate. It is not my style. As for "paranoia"... multiple personalities is one of the symptoms of severe mental illness. In any case, I am putting you on my "ignore" list. Finito!

There seems to be yet another attempt by the members of Karens group to attack this forum, and attack those people who are prepared to offer help and advice to people that actually have a love for all things Italian. There are so many sockpuppets at work here that it is sometimes difficult to tell those whose intentions are to bring this forum down, for whatever sad, petty little personal grudge they hold against the site owners. For those that don't know the history, there was a small group of disgruntled posters that took it upon themselves to bully and threaten those not in their clique, which led to many of the names they used being banned. One of them, the ring leader in fact, is a Liverpudlian called Karen. She has several accolytes here who also crop up on a forum about the Abruzzo, by the way. Karen has been many things in the past, but on this forum her best known names (but by no means all) include Anastasia, Scrapspal, Juliancoll, Esme, Aliena, Karina Walderson, Fenicela, etc. etc. etc. So many names, but the reality is that she, and her fans, have devoted a seemingly insane amount of their time trying to bring this forum down to the level of a Scally from Scouseland's bring-a-bottle party. Others to watch here include people who use names such as Flip (eh, Lax?), Here Already (or Qui Qua after they were banned) - even one or two that run other forums for British Expats here in Italy. Karen used to run a forum called "Italiauncovered" (now gone, of course) which was little more than a marshalling point for those that hated this particular forum. Karen even used to run a blog called "South of Rome" (now retired into well deserved obscurity). So, we have a situation here still where a significant group of people are intent on destroying this forum in its stated aim of offering help, advice and a place to share positive thoughts of Italy with others that actually have a love fo Italy. The really sad part of all this is that this situation has continued for so long - several years now in fact. The forum is a part of a commercial venture, which means it will never, and never can be, a place to use as a personal playground by the mentally disturbed, or those with very large personal axes to grind, such as Karen S.  I commend highly those that have continued to offer their time and knowledge to help those with a genuine interest: Gala Placida, Charlotte Oliver, Ram and several others. I offer my support also to those that have been chased away by the "gang of 4", including Sally Donaldson (her last user name here), who was hounded mercilessly, even to the extent of having Karen S actually drive to London and visited Sally's address, just to look at her - how disturbed is that!   PS. I do know several of the names of the 'clan', including some, but not all, the names they have recently been using to post under - even though they do like to hide their IP addresses, thinking that will give them invisibility (it doesn't, girls!). PPS. Did Karen ever pay you for "Italiauncovered", by the way, Andy? Or was it merely payment in kind? Hmm? PPPS. Karen: I'm not from Manchester - you are, as usual, completely wrong in your assumptions as to who I might be. You don't have a clue, girl...

Nope! But I'm off to hunt out what "South of Rome" was all about as I've never heard of it. I'll leave Hairylice to feed the guppies even more of his utter demented shyte and untruths.

Hilarious thread. Sometimes I find it difficult to believe that this is a forum populated by adults.  I've run forums & lived on the 'net since the days of a 9600 modem and bulletin boards only and yet I've never come across a place like this one.  Talk about handbags at 50 paces...!

There sure is need of monitoring from within the administration of this site . I would think that is the reason Rickardo asked the question ? I have been here less than a week at various times. Already two people have subjected me to terrible treatment one worse than the other. It is all clear on screen.

Thanks for trying to point out to the 'Ruling Classes' that you are not me and vice versa; all I would add that I do not belong to any 'Gang' unless by infereing I may have the same viewpoint on a topic as others, and I am just the one Flip and no other alias here. As I said if anyone would like to PM Admin and ask about my IP address and Esmes' then please feel free, but they would rather spread untruths about people in an effort to impress others to their Squeaky Clean Personas. So who's the Bully now Gala? (she probably wont read this as she did say she was blocking me, but someone may pass on my sentiments). I will continue to try and help others where I can, but I will not stand by and see others right to comment slapped down by peoples sensibilities, just because it does not fit with how they think/wish this Community to go. The World is full of different viewpoints so get over it. Oh! and if people would like to point out exactly where/how I have been bullying then please enlighten me!!

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Fillide your back!  I have also been close to swearing but you did it for me.In total agreement. 

This sort of thing is death to a forum, and my comments in this post are only to try a little to prevent that happening here.  I speak as someone who has been a member almost from the first, and certainly longer than any of those who choose to behave idiotically on here.  I do not take part in any offline, behind the scenes, private messaging stuff since my life does not revolve around this forum and I'm not interested in stupid arguments. Thus I don't know all the ins and outs by any means, but I have seen on this forum a level of bullying approaching the pathological.  From years of observing I'm inclined to accept Beery's version of event, though I think he may have allowed Esme to get under his skin and his resultant scratching does him a disservice. Point being, anyone who genuinely wants to keep this forum going, don't be put off by a thread like this. Although it's almost inevitable that someone will now say that these threads get the most reads and keep things interezting, my response is that public executions would also draw huge crowds.  That of itself doesn't make them a good thing.  Most sensible posters will be ignoring this thread so that it burns itself out.

I totally agree with Annec. And I do not know who Beeryspice is, but his summary is very accurate. There seems to be a concentrated attack on this site and it can only cause harm. Yes, and the level of bullying can reach incredible levels. I really think that we should ignore their posts and provocations and this is what I will do. 

Beeryspice seems to me to be a madman. However, he has an opinion which we mght agree or disagree with, but please let us not put him into the clearly bannable Ms. Belsito category. I'm (philosocphcially) addicted to non censorship, but I would shut that fucker (Ms Belsito) up without compucntion 

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I am going to give the benefit of the doubt that those of you who defended Fillide may not have known her true character. Nonetheless, I don't appreciate in the least her cruelty and am not shocked that she's posted after her farewell messaging!

are alive and kicking up shyte as usual - but I get the blame - as usual.  That's OK! Annec, Gala, Angie (et al) - I am not "Flip" nor is "Flip" me.  I am also not anyone else on this forum at this time - I am only "Esme".  I do not have any other names or personas on this forum.  I only use one name at a time - I always have done - and will always do so - I've only ever created a 'new name' when the need arises through being banned - usually because you three wise morons cant take what you dish out!  Get over it! There is no way either I or Flip can actually prove this to you (only Admin can do that!) - but I think that after all these years you know "me" well enough to know that I am not lying about this, so please stop blaming and accusing others for being me - it just makes you look paranoid and stupid - which I know you are not - well, perhaps with exception of two out of the three morons.... To be clear, Flip is whoever Flip is (and I honestly do not know who Flip is - I wish I did) and Esme is "me".  And just so you DO know who Beeryspice is - he was "Nardini" on the old forum.  Getting the picture now? I also have no idea who Ms.Belsito is - but I have no doubt "she" is a fraud - a creation of someone here - planted only to create havoc.  Wait and see.  My money is on Hairylice. AndyT - Hairlylice was not referring to you - he was referring to another Andy - Andy is a friend and was the person I bought Uncovered from - another forum where Hairylice/Nardini was a very active member - until he combusted and had a nervous breakdown - turning into the stupid idiot he now has chosen to be here. Fillide - red wine o'clock seems very tempting these days - pour me a glass sweetie.  wink