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10/16/2012 - 03:33

I am an Australian woman who will find herself on her own for five weeks in 2013 during the second week in July until the end of August. I'd be interested in knowing from others some of my options for travelling at this period of time while my husband returns to Australia to attend a meeting.Thanks Roseamaria



If you are uncomfortable about travelling on your own then why not do a course (painting, cooking, yoga, Italian all spring immediately to mind) for the first week or two. You will make lots of friends and some interesting opportunities migth present themsleves. My only other comment would be it is the height of tourist season in August so most places will be busy. If you will be on your own be prepared to be chatted up!

Thanks Penny for your response. An art or yoga program is a good idea unfortunately I having trouble finding something that is on during August. Any suggestions? Travelling solo doesn't pose a problem for me.  In the past I've spent 3 to 4 weeks in Italy on my own (at a language school) until my husband returns from his meetings. It's just a bit unfortunately this year his absence is at the busy holiday time which is usually extremely hot and often limiting as to what one can do.  I'm in my 60's so being chatted up hasn't really been a problem but if it were I think I could manage. (I hope!).