booking a cruise?

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11/13/2012 - 06:54

Hi,i'm looking at booking a cruise to Italy and i need some advice.basically I've never been to the coast of Italy, apart from when i go to naples, but thats it.Anyway, i'd like to book a cruise for me and my family to go on, i've recently cam into a bit of money and have been given a 2 week free paid holiday from work for doing good work.Where would you say the best places to visit in italy are, by the coast and are cruisable if you know what i mean?are there any websites with a bit more info on cruising in italy etc?Many thanks, jared.



hi,contrary to what many think there are some really good deals to be had starting at as little as Euro 290> especially at this time of year except christmas/new year etc some web sites (they'll have an english mode too) our neighbours just got back from a 5 day cruise starting near Roma it was great value and good mix of nationalities...good luck and welcome  

One of the nicest places for a cruise stop is Portofino, which can be combined with the islands of Sardinia and Elba. I went there on the Star Clipper, a four masted barquentine which sailed out of Cannes, which gives you a wonderful - and very different - cruise experience. I've also cruised there with Silversea, a totally 6 star line, of which I remarked at the time "I've never been looked after better". I've also stopped at Taormina (Sicily), Salerno, Sorrento, Rome (Civitavecchia), Naples (for things like Capri and the Blue Grotto) and I remember a somewhat less attractive stop at Livorno. Highly recommended - enjoy your cruise.