Are you a typical Ex Pat

12/04/2012 - 10:14


Lots of this kind of stuff is just daft in my opinion.  I have an Italian friend who hates Espresso (stains her teeth) and yet will drink a cappucino instead at anytime.  There really are no rules for what you should eat and at what time - we're lucky to be living in a world where we actually have choice, unlike the many starving in the world.

Perhaps your friend drinks a macchiato, instead of an espresso. That is what I usually drink after 11:00. Except after a good lunch and then I love a good espresso.  And I find your last comment really daft. We are not talking about welfare, charity or world hunger on this thread. 

It's an article in a magazine, not a Social Comment or a judgement, purely someones take on life.  Some need to lighten up a bit....

At least it's well written!  Most expats think that they can cobble together an amusing article without having an idea about how to write.  Mind you - pizza and cappuccino ugh.. 

My wife never drinks anything other than cappuccino in Italy, and no-one has ever criticised her for this extreme cultural and social gaffe.   Is it possible that AndyT can't tell the difference between a macchiato and a cappuccino????

"And anyone drinking a cappuccino after 11:00 am, should be expelled from the country." You should be 'expelled from the country' for coming out with such absolute and utter shyte!!

What I really objected to (in a light and humorous sense obviously in case I get spat atcheeky) was that she puts Brits and Americans together as being similar, lord preserve us. If I ever come across as being similar to Americans abroad, will someone please tell me.

Generalizations are always dangerous and untrue Basically, we are all individuals and act accordingly. Some people adapt better than others to different environments. Others, will always be foreigners. And also not all Italians live and behave the same. 

Well, when I order her coffee, she has a cappuccino since that's what she tells me to ask for :)  It's all a bit daft that in this day and age people still think they have to right to determine what should be eaten/drunk and when.  I appreciate that the thread isn't about charity, welfare etc., but it does make you think how silly we are sometimes to even be concerned by such trivia as eating conventions.  Zzzz...

The whole point of the article, which has obviously alluded some, is the perceived values that ex Pats have of what they think Italians have of them. Do you honestly think an Italian cares what time of day he/she has a Cappuccino; No if that's what they want that's what they'll have; do they care what you think when they are having a grappa at 9.30 in the morning ..NO. The article points out quite well that it is only an Ex pat who is 'desperate to fit in' that has adopted these perceived rules of Italian life. Italy is full of real people who do and say exactly what they want. So for all you sheep out there who think that Italy has a set of Social Rules that an Ex Pat must follow to fit in; I suggest you examine your own life rather than that of other people.

well said FLip - -- but have you EVER seen an Italian eat a pizza with a cappuccino ?   beer wine water COke - but pizza with a milky coffee must be disgusting in any country - though Starbucks probably has it on offer at hte moment. 

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Isn't that a skinny-latte-mocha-pizza-cino? I swear I heard someone ordering one only last weeksurprise

Well said, Ram. And I would add wearing socks and sandals....  All societies have their "set of rules" according to the circles in which one moves. That does not mean that all people - even within those circles - have to comply with them. If you don't like pasta, don't  eat it. If you prefer a macchiato to a espresso, choose the one you prefer. It is not necessary to start drinking Bellini the moment you go across the border.  The French have an excellent expression to describe what I mean: "savoir faire"   

No Karen. This forum slumbers sporadically BECAUSE of your trolling ways.  People don't post here because YOU (and one or two of your little chums - cue chums!) attack and insult people when they do post - especially if you don't like the 'cut of their jib'.  Once you have gone - by this I mean, of course, your nasty, abrasive little on-line personality - things will slowly return to a more sensible, pleasant and informative site for "lovers of all things Italian". I realise you find this concept hard to stomache when what you really want to see are "lovers of all things Karen/Anastasia/Esme/etc/etc/etc". I look forward to that day...

You're nowt but a punk Leerybreath - you only come on here to have a pop at "me and my chums".  Why don't you "do one" instead? Cant be arsed arguing with ya today cus I'm picking up me reconditioned broomstick in an hour.