There are cheap swimming pools, then there's a Lidl swimming pool...

Allan Mason Image
07/03/2009 - 04:17

In Another Place, someone recently asked for advice about buying an above-ground swimming pool. I suggested that, if he'd never owned a pool before, he might get a better idea of the work involved in maintaining a swimming pool as well as the positive points of having one if he spent a couple hundred Euros on one of those cheap pools which doesn't have a frame but rather an inflated ring around the top and used that for a summer or two. It appears that Lidl might be able to help him gain this experience even more cheaply since their current offers magazine says they will be offering such a pool from next Monday (6 July) for a mere €47. Admittedly, it's only 3 metres in diameter and only 76 cm high, so it's really just a glorified paddling pool, but it does come with a pump and filter. Something that size is of very limited use, I know, but I'm sure kids would enjoy it and adults might find it helps them cool down a bit if we get the prolonged hot spells that we have had in previous summers. Al



 Hi Alan, I could not find the threads here, but I also remembered discussing swimming pools recently. There are a few in the old forum dating back to May, like this one: tend to agree with you, for the very limited use and not having to deal with builders, permits and all the rest, the Lidl alternative sounds very reasonable.

I agree Allan a cheap pool is probably a good starting point although I would warn again the inflatable ring type. We installed one on our garden just outside Bagni di Lucca in late April last year but by July the sun has destroyed the inflatable ring and the pool was listing sadly and had to be thrown away ... just before the real August holidays! This year we have a rectangle pool with a frame and it seems to be fairing better, so far. But don't underestimate just how much work is involved with the chemicals and the pump. Other friends have hooked up a mini solar panel and they say their pool temperature has increased by 6 degrees! Happy splashing.

Doughnut style 3.5m dia PVC pool still going strong after 2 summers use. Tips - must be on a flat surface with very little slope (most terraces have some slope to carry away the rainwater) and you must have a skimmer (like a flat nylon net) to remove suicidal flying ants etc. Bacteria-free water is assured by a floating gizmo containing  a quarter of a tablet of solid chlorine stuff, lasts a week. all checks with little test kits show very good results. Pool great for a cooling wallow (cost 70 quid)