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07/07/2009 - 12:24

We bought a flat in Orvieto 3 years ago. It is a 5 minute walk from the Duomo. At 40 years old it is modern by Orvieto standards but we spent the first 6 months having it renovated (in our absence). We go there about 5 times a year. We chose to live in a town accessible by public transport, though at the moment we use a hire car and drive from the UK once a year.  We are disappointed that the flight options have significantly reduced in the last year or so, especially in the winter. We follow the development of Viterbo airport with interest.We do not know of any Brits who have a home in Orvieto, except one (married to an Italian) who helped with the translation when we purchased the flat.I also have 3 second cousins who live in the Naples area.My Italian vocabulary has certainly expanded in the last 3 years!


 Hi lindyp and welcome! Five times a year is not bad! We only go three times, but we drive from Spain and we stay for longer periods. Airlines have reduced the number of flights in general due to the current economic crisis, but let's hope that it will not last eternally!

Hi Lindyp,thanks for joining the Community. Here, you may learn more about life in Italy and Italian culture. Hopefully you may share your own experience of Italy, due to your frequent travels and your Italian relatives.There are already many groups belonging to different topics: that you may wish to join and participate or just have a look at what content people add day by day.Since you've just bought a house, the topic Property may help you to find many new ideas for your house in Italy.Here is the story of someone who has already experienced the move: Making the move in Italy | Life & Style | Travel to Italy ...Wish you the best and let us know how does it go.Valentina

We visited when in Umbria in 2007 and absolutely loved it, the Duomo is mind blowing.  My husband will always choose an Orvieto Classico if he sees it on the wine list...  hope all goes well.I remember there was a railway station there, would that be a possibility?

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Yes Orvieto station is on the Rome - Florence line & both are feasible for day trips. The inter city trains are also to or from such places as Milan, Venice and Naples, so it's quite well connected. Unfortunately, the pendolini by-pass it.As you exit the station the funicular is opposite and for about 90 cents -one way- it connects with the little bus which goes up the hill and stops outside our flat.When we return in 2 weeks it will be full of tourists. Generally, the British come on a day trip and it's the Americans who stay.

Ciao Lindyp and welcome - We live in Sioli between Gubbio and Umbertide.  I sort of commute on a regular basis between Norh Yorkshire and there.  Doing so until I finally sell my business in Leeds.  If you are near Leeds there is an Italian Conversation Group at Borders Bookshop in Leeds on 22nd July at 7.00pm.  Never been before but I'm going to give it a try.  If you can make it let me know and we can introduce ourselves. 

Thanks Pauline. We live in Doncaster so it's a bit too far away. Keeping up the Italian conversation practice is very useful.  I just about follow the discussion when we have a condominium meeting, but I'm not quick enough to get a word in. I have an hour or so in conversation weekly with an elderly lady whose first language was Italian when she was young (though Maltese living in Egypt!). My husband is awaiting his GCSE Italian result.

We have finally got round to adding a posting (think it's relevant here) Five years ago we bought a house in Alviano (near to Orvieto) and have been spending 4 or 5 months in it each year. We have some lovely Italian neighbours but are finding it difficult to meet people. We speak enough Italian to get by but would really like to meet up with people who are having similar settlling in experiences.We know there are lots of English speaking people in Orvieto, but how do we meet them/you? Best wishes Jan