If you missed the fantastic La Quintana medieval festival in

07/13/2009 - 11:19

If you missed the fantastic La Quintana medieval festival in Ascoli Piceno, Le Marche in July then you have another chance to see it on 2 August. There will be a medieval procession with each quarter dressing in 15th Century costumes during the day and the jousting in the evening at the stadium.

If you haven't been to La Quintana before then make sure you go along - you can get more details on the La Quintana festival in Ascoli Piceno.



I can fully endorse Kevan's comments about the Quintana, it's a really spectacular event that is a 'must' if you've never been there. I would advise however that parking is a nightmare, and suggest that you investigate travelling into Ascoli from the coastal direction using the little train, thus parking away from the town centre. Tickets for the train cost next to nothing, and are bought at the Tabaccaio or Newsagents. You buy for a block of kms, so 10 kms costs about 1 euro, 20kms a bit more etc. Train timetables can be downloaded at www.trenitalia.com or www.provincia.ap.it Remember also to validate your ticket on the station platform.To be precise about the actual horse involvement, it's 'jousting' of a particular variety, as it doesn't involve 1 v 1, rather it's the horse and rider against the clock, following a circuit sort of figure 8, and on one of the rounds hitting a target on a rotating dummy, commonly known as a Saracen. They need to get past him before he swings round and clouts the rider with his ball on a chain!

Thanks Andrew for giving a better description of the jousting - there are a few photos on the link - one of which shows a rider hitting the target with his lance which you can click on to see a bigger view - I've copied the thumbnail here - and some videos of the procession.If you are interested in historical festivals with costumed re-enactments and tournements with horses and lances then there is also the Torneo Cavalleresco at Servigliano coming up with the medieval re-enactment on Saturday 15 Aug and on Sunday 16 riders compete to collect a series of hoops of decrreasing size on their lance. 

Some years ago now we were very lucky to actually take part in the Palio at Fermo, which is generally held around 15 August. I was a sort of second level aristocrat; Jean my Dame, and our girls 'children in waiting'. The procession takes about 4 hours to wind its way around the streets (at least 400 people in the 'crocodile'), and medieval costumes add to the hard work. They only use authentic garb, and it is heavy and hot as generally it can be around 35 degrees during the procession. There are in fact 2 processions around the town; the first on the night before the Palio; terminating at the Duomo for the blessing of the Palio itself (a painted banner) and then assisting the Tug of War competition on the piazza outside the Duomo. This Tug of War often degenerates into a punch up between the various contrada!The following day the Palio procession winds its way to the square where the costumed participants have privileged seating to watch the horse race that sets off from the entrance to Fermo and finishes just outside the gate into the square. Jockeys are generally open to bribes etc, and in fact the year we took part the winner pulled up just before the finish line to allow another horse to win! You can imagine the fisticuffs!All good fun however; something to take part in once in a lifetime!

Hi AndrewSounds like another great day out - everything happens at the same time in August but it's great to have so many great festivals to choose from - I tried to find a short video clip of the Palio at Fermo but I didn't come up with much but a short clip from someone in the crowd who gets really excited as it must be her horse winning. Also no photos with creative commons licence to show the event - I'll have to get down there with my own cameras to get some good shots.

Hi Andrew That would be great - I'll send an email in a moment asking for photos. Also see you this evening at the BBQ - there should be 6 adults and 3 kids coming in our group from Force - I sent a PM this morning to Sarah and Mark but it's a bit late as I missed the PMs they sent about the BBQ until today as I've been off the forum for a couple of weeks busy with work - hopefully they will get the PM and defrost enough food - if you are helping organise BBQ today then could you let them know CheersKevan