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07/23/2009 - 13:39

Hi to everybody!Have always thought to join the Italy Community. I love this website and all its content. I am sure  I will find many others who share this opinion. I actually live in Italy after many years abroad and I love to talk to people who are not Italians, but would like to know as much as possible about the Bel Paese.Monica


Welcome Monica.  Where in Italy do you live (if it's Le Marche I really don't want to know!)?

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:-)  Yes Nigelgh, I love un posto al sole as well. I am addicted to television every evening when I come back home from work and jogging. Also, I met some of the (old) actors when I lived in Naples, as I went to University not far away from where they used to set - they were always very kind to all spectators. Do you watch also the summer version which began a couple of weeks ago?

Hi Monica,I am very happy to learn that you are living in Sicily and hope you don't mind if I pose a question to an expert.It seems that when I research Campania and Sicily, my heart warms to Sicily because I think I may find what I am looking for there.  My impression is that one can enjoy a beautiful seaside town and yet not need to travel very far for culture and history.Do you agree with this?  Is there any Sicilian area of which you are familiar where a traveler such as myself could  find both of these aspects easily?Incidentally, I loved the color of the aqua ocean on Capri,  is the sea that color in Sicily?Thanks so much for your reply.Regards,Catherine   

Dear Catherine, you are wery welcome and can pose as many questions as you want. I would be very happy to help as best as I can, hopefully!You have to know that you touched my soft spots: I love bothe regiorns you mentioned, Campania and Sicily and would recommend  anybody to visit both. However, let me tell you something about Sicily. I myself are quite familiar with the southeast of Sicily (Ragusa and Siracusa Province) and think it is indeed an ideal place to stay when you are searching for both beautiful seaside and culture. Within a radius of few kilometres, you will find beautiful golden sandy beaches with the clearest water I have ever seen (in Pozzallo,  Marina di Modica or the wildlike reserve for example). And at the same time you have the chance to visit cities with some of the most beautiful architecture in Sicily, in the Sicilian Baroque style, which is part of Italian Unesco Heritage Sites. Places like Modica (by the way my favourite city in the Hyblaen Area), Ragusa Ibla and Noto are worth visiting and Siracusa is not too far, with its Greek Theatre and Ortigia, Siracusa's isle within the city.I hope I could help you with this. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any other questions.Have a nice day :-)Monica 

MonicaYou have whetted my appetite for Sicily a place I've always wanted to visit. I have family with a home in Pizzo, Calabria and considered getting the ferry over to Messina then exploring from there.

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MarcellaThe day you will decide to come over to Sicily, let me know, maybe we can have a delicious lunch together or just eat a granita with brioche :-) I just cannot have enough of this!