How are you staying cool?

07/25/2009 - 15:14

It's hot.How are you keeping yourself cool apart from the obvious fans, pools etc?Hopla is currently wandering the house with one of those cool box ice bricks wrapped in a teatowel and tucked about her person.There must be a better way...


Living in Scotland !Having said that it's been a lovely day here today (rain tomorrow though)My mum always advised drinking tea to keep cool - why ? I have no idea...    

In our house there's a lot of getting up early to do any work,then sleeping through most of the day with fans going all the time. Shutters are once more closed during the day to keep the heat out - in fact I'm wondering why we bothered having windows as we seem to have the shutters shut throughout the summer to keep the heat out and throughout the winter to keep the heat in!

Just thought I would add a serious note to the keeping cool thread. I have just got over a nasty dose of heat exhaustion, but was too daft at the time to realise what it was, had been dashing around working and become very dizzy ,hot. and sick ,luckily had the sense to lie down with the fans on. So do be careful, its easy to google symptoms and remedies so wont add them here. Its important to rehydrate as quickly as possible as you loose essential minerals which add to the problem, you can buy rehydrating tablets which contain all the essential elements at the farmacia.A