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07/29/2009 - 04:55

Can someone tell me if there is a charity organisation in the Trieste area? I have some furniture, CD's, books and many other items that I would like to donate. My other option is to sell them but I don't have the time nor the motivation to do this.I would welcome any suggestions.Thank you...


Ciao, I think you could try to ask to the Caritas, a diocesan organization specialized in charity.There is one in every town with a bishop.Ciao from Le Marche   

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Charity shops don't exist in Italy so it is a problem when you want to give away useful stuff that's too good to throw away. There are yellow Caritas receptacles in towns in this part of Italy which are mainly for clothing and shoes. However, and some may correct me on this, I am a little sceptical about these and wonder if this stuff is sold for a very small amount to dealers and ends up on the 2nd hand clothing stalls in the markets albeit it is being recycled. Some of the churches have a parish office that collect and distribute to needy people. You can also sell household/electrical things through the local 'negozie dei usati' but I don't know how much commission they take for selling it.

Another Catholic organisation that runs second hand shops is EMMAUS. It has an office in your region at Tolmezzo. Ask the local parish and they should be able to inform you.

Thank you for all the advice. I have manged to donate most of the small things but I am still having trouble with the larger items.I apologise for being remiss and for taking so long to respond. I am currently renovating my apartment and it has consumed much of my time.Thanks again to those who responded.

 I can not comment or advise on your post,( I am in the U.S), but as there are very few posts from Friuli, I am curious.  My roots are in Friuli, and I have been considering the purchase of an ancestral home there.  (small village in the Dolomites, very easy to get to, not far from things.)  I am simply curious about your experience in the region, impressions, life style observations, ease or difficulty of operating, anything noteworthy or otherwise.  I have visited a number of times, but only briefly, and I am sure it is no longer the place of my grandparents stories. Sincerely