L'Aquila BBQ & Raffle Fund Raising Event So Far........

07/20/2009 - 13:09

The Le Marche Fundraising Team would like to let you all know that the running profit to date from the total Raffle, BBQ & T-Shirt sales stands at an amazing €1958.57  We would like to thank everyone for their kind support, particularly as we had so many weather delays along the way. We are sure that the people of L'Aquila appreciate all our efforts, which will be ongoing.  So for anyone unable to attend the last BBQ, we will be having another, slightly more casual BBQ event to be held at Mark and Sarah's house again, near Amandola, Le Marche on the 31st July 2009 starting from 6.30pm. Everyone is very welcome, tickets will be €10 and we hope to raise even more for this very worth while cause.  Please PM us if you would like more information or details of how to reach our house.  And now for a glimpse of the Big Night!



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Thanks Simon and Jo - we got there in the end!  Do hope you can make it to the BBQ this Friday if you are free - and anyone else of course who may be in the Le Marche/ Amandola area - would be great to see you. We are just trying to make a few extra euro's for L'Aquila and have a fun evening too. Let us know if you can make it.

Thanks to another very generous donation, we have now raised a total of €1978.57. Looking forward to the BBQ tomorrow night - starting at 6.30pm - hope you can come along and help us raise even more money!

Wish we could be there, weather will probably be a lot better than that in blighty!Plans for the prize I won are taking good shape, it is all very exciting!

Very many congratulations Sarah & Mark.€2213.57 is a fantastic total to raise for the unfortunate people of L'Aquila.  Well done!