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Hi My names Geoff , I'm 49 years old and have had a passion for all things Italian since I was 15 and went out with a Girl wh's mother was from Amalfi, over 3 years I  was made wonderfully welcome into the Anglo Italian Community. Here I learnt to cook wonderful Italian food from fresh , had a wonderful social time and have never lost that warmth and passion , that comes from the Italians.I have now been married for 22 years to an English lady and I have a son of 16 and a daughter of 21, I still have that wonderful passion for Italy and I ttok my wife to Florence last year and fell in love all over again, with her and the Country. I have recently been involved in a serious road accident ( not my fault I was a pedestrian ) and hav undergone major surgery, but this has given me the time to rekindle my love of Italy. When I am at work I work for an independant Menswear store stocking mainly Italian high end Mens fashion and we deal purely directly with Italian Manifacturers such as Armani and Zegna , as well as smaller made to order quality Italian manifacturers.I'm also a qualified FA Coach and Psychologist , again with a passion for Italian Football and I have ggod connections with the Italian Football Academy (IFA)based in Perugia. If there is anyone else out there with a similar interest in Calcio I'd love to hear from you.Finally I'm studying Italian as a language in all my spare time and hoping to start classes in sept/oct , I'm also starting to try and find out more on the Roman Empire, as I love to read, so again anyone with an interest in this please get in touch. I'm hoping to travel to Rome as and when I've recovered so anyone with any hints or places to stay , let me know.I have a real passion for the country of Italia and all things Italian so please keep in touch with me and share any stories with me. Sorry to have waffled on quite so much, but now the intro's are out the way I shall try to be briefer. ThanksGeoff


Ciao Geoff and welcome to the community.We have been members for a couple of weeks now and are just as passionate about all things Italian as it sounds like you are. Please feel free to view our introduction posted 2/8/09 about how we came to own our holiday home in Santa Marina. We plan on living there (hopefully in the next few years), when we can convince somebody local to sell us a piece of land. We will keep our current house there as a holiday let though.I listen to the Michel Thomas CD's on my way to work in the car. We find his style of learning very good and often try to speak to each other in Italian. Even so there is nothing like being in Italy and using the language, we always seem to learn more there. We don't get told "piano piano" so often now either! We even understand more of what the little eighty year old lady says who lives next door to us in Santa Marina and speaks the local dialect of Santamarinese (hence our user name).At least good has come out of bad from your accident if it means that you have been able to rekindle your love affair with Italy. Hope you are improving and will be back at work soon and off to discover Roma. What an ideal job you have! There has been a post on the community recently about travel cards for Rome. I don't know if you have already seen it.I have a fascination of mosaics and have done one of a sea monster and octopus on my bathroom wall, with the date that our house was built (1799) on the bath panel in roman numerals. As you can imagine 1799 is quite long in roman numerals. The romans were so advanced and so inventive. We really enjoyed our trip to Pompeii and plan on visiting Herculaneum next time we are there.Enjoy the community and hope to hear how your trip to Rome goes and how you get on in your Italian classes. Is your wife going to join you at the classes? We find that in Italy it takes us both to listen, one to answer and the other to prompt them when they get stuck!Best wishesToni

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Thanks Toni for your kind welcome and all the information, it sounds not nly quite wonderful but also very fascinating. Hopefully we will get the chance to chat more over the coming weeks, in the meantime thanks again. Geoff

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Welcome to the communtity.  I have just got back from my hols on the Isle of Wight so I am catching up. I am the same age as you. We have planned a weeks stay in Rome next June. We have rented an apartment in Capena.  Quite reasonable price.We are off to Venice at the end of next month for a couple of nights.  Not done Florence yet but definetly high on the list.I am getting to grips with the language. Hoping to retire somewhere in Italy if I reach 65 ! a presto !

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Hi ConradGreat to hear from you and thanks for the welcome, very envious of you going out to Venice shortly. I'm hoping once I'm fully up and about to get out to Italy as soon as possible....to where ? To be honest don't really mind although Venice would be very high on the list along with Verona and lake Garda  in the Autumn ! Please keep in touch and I hope you enjoyed the Isle of Wight. All the best Geoff