English Library at Lago San Ruffino Marche

08/14/2009 - 08:49

Yet another incentive from those great people at Osteria del Lago at San Ruffino.They have opened a small English library, novels non fiction and some reference books.The idea is that the novels can be swapped or that you can add to their numbers with your own read books.They are now 8 books lighter!. Its also an excellent place for coffee, a long lunch or dinner, and situated by the lake there is a cooling breeze. They have now added kyaks to their list if hires, always friendly, always good food and now books as well. One of my favourite places.


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That will be fun to watch - hope I get my new camera by then!  Looking forward to our visit to the library next week - really pleased it is open again. We are always glad of a trip to Lago di Ruffino, one of our favourite places too Angie!

You might have to be quick to get the the Kayaks, it looks like they are already starting to drain the lake. Just above the Parco dei Cervi, most of the banks are just mud at the moment.Another thing we keep hearing, is that there is a "proposal" to raise the dam level by 9 mtrs. This was  mentioned by our local farmer about a month ago, and he also heard it from Guiseppe at the Osteria. Has anyone else heard about this?

One of the books I borrowed from the library, Devoted Ladies by Molly Keane, contained some photographs, seemingly of a ladies night out in England, I will keep them safe and return them to the library when I next visit,Shame about the kayaks Anne, I was so looking forward to it!!A