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Italian holiday with cooking classes in Liguria






Enjoy the real local Italian style visiting this corner of Liguria between Portofino and Cinque Terre


Mandilli de Saea invites you to your Italian holiday with cooking classes and … much more

Enjoy this part of Ligurian Riviera while learning the secrets of its local cuisine.
A superb combination of relaxation in an enchanting nature, the temptation of simple but savoury food, like hand made pasta with Pesto or Cheese Focaccia, and the thrill of being able to cook it yourself.
A great opportunity to experience the Italian real life style along a narrow coast line between Portofino and Cinque Terre.
Anna from Mandilli de Saea is pleased to welcome you to this part of Liguria, more specifically called Tigullio Gulf (from the name of the ancient local population) and offer tailor-made vacation stays, specifically arranged for those who love cooking in a traditional way.
You will be taught the art of the local cuisine in Anna's kitchen and lead to experience this region through wine tastings, typical restaurants and guided trips.
If you also need an accommodation Anna can provide typical countryside apartments to rent.

Chance it, you will never regret it.

Cooking Lessons

You will be introduced to the secrets of this simple but savoury cuisine, while you prepare its typical dishes yourself.

Each workshop will last 3 hours, either in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on the menu and the requests. In any case they will provide a relaxed, learning experience while creating the same atmosphere as found in typical Italian homes, also using local products.

Have real fun preparing Ligurian dishes such as: Pansotti with hazelnut sauce, Lasagne with pesto, Stuffed vegetables, Pizza with anchovies, Cheese Focaccia, Pasqualina pie and much more.
The lessons foresee the active involvement of the participants, from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10 people, and the use of local products.
Every lesson will end by enjoying a tasting session or a real dinner together, wine included.
The final meal will be based on the dishes prepared under the friendly guide of Anna the cook and enjoyed on Anna's cute terraced garden overlooking the gulf.

What Included

- 3 hours cooking workshop either in the morning or in the afternoon
- Lunch or dinner after the cooking workshop, based on the prepared dishes
- Wine aperitif with local wine from Tigullio area and lunch or dinner offered based on the prepared dishes
- Tools and aprons provided
- One copy in English of the Ligurian recipes book edited by Mandilli de Saea given to each participant.

What Not Included



- Lesson/workshop : 1 session of three hours a day (date to be arranged) from March to October
- Course: not more than 3 sessions in a row of three hours a day each (dates to be arranged along the week ).


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