Church of the Artists in Rome's Piazza del Popolo Reopens

| Tue, 05/13/2014 - 04:00

The Santa Maria di Montesanto church in Rome has reopened to the public after the second phase of its restoration project was completed.

Following the restoration of Bernini’s dome last October, it was the turn of the vault of the sacristy, with a series of interventions that have reconstructed the ornamental cornices, brought back to their original colors the paintings decorating the vault and disclosed traces of paintings on the windows.

The last phase of the restoration project will involve the floor.

The restoration is part of the project “Gli Orti per l’arte,” financed by Bonduelle Italy, the canned vegetables company, to safeguard Italy’s artistic heritage.  

Santa Maria di Montesanto is located right next to another church, Santa Maria dei Miracoli, in Piazza del Popolo. Between the two churches is the beginning of Via del Corso. Because they look very similar, they are often referred to as "twins".

The Montesanto church is also called the Church of the Artists because a mass is held every Sunday with reading by an artist, animated by music. At the end of the mass, a prayer for artists is read.

The church is a little-known jewel in the heart of the Italian capital. One more reason to visit Rome (as if there weren't enough already).