Clooney’s Italian Girlfriend Talks Marriage

| Mon, 06/13/2011 - 04:35

Elisabetta Canalis is hearing wedding bells and has told an Italian weekly magazine that she could never be with a man who did not believe in marriage.

The former show girl has been romantically involved with George Clooney for the past two years.

Canalis told Chi that she is a strong believer in marriage and she is tired of hearing rumors that her A-list beau never wants to wed or have children.

“My boyfriend has not given interviews about his private life since 1999”, she reportedly reminded the magazine. “I could never be with someone who every time he opens his mouth says that he does not want to have children with me or to marry me”.

Canalis never specified that she had plans to marry Clooney, or that there was a pressing timeline. She told Chi that “for the time being, I am happy as I am.”

Though George Clooney has previously appeared to shy away from marital commitment, Elisabetta’s comments seem to suggest that maybe Sofia Coppola is not the only one with Italian wedding plans.