Five Documentaries to Take You To Italy

Fri, 05/22/2020 - 00:00
People at the Spanish Steps in the evening in Rome

Last week we suggested some fun, engaging reads on Italy to pass the time a bit more pleasantly during your quarantine. This week, we’re suggesting five videos to watch that will entertain you, teach you something new, and make you dream of Italy. 

From Baroque brilliance to Roman cuisine, from a trip down the west coast of Italy to a culinary tour of Sicily and Sardinia to house hunting in Abruzzo, pick your preferred video or, even better, watch them all, relax and enjoy! 

1. Rome: Baroque Brilliance | Rick Steves’ Europe

In ‘eternally entertaining’ Rome, the themed itineraries to choose from are endless. In this video, the great Rick Steves takes us through the heart of Rome, to admire breathtaking Baroque art and architecture, and also to mix and mingle with the Romans.


2. Italy Unpacked Series 2 | In the Heat of the Day

BBC’s Italy Unpacked series sees art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon and chef Giorgio Locatelli travel through Italy, exploring its cuisine and art history. In this episode, the two travel to the southern regions of Campania and Calabria, starting in Naples, with its vibrant street life and Baroque masterpieces, continuing down the coast to Amalfi and Paestum, and ending in untouched Calabria.


3. House Hunters Italy | A Place in the Sun (Abruzzo)

If you’re looking for cheap property in Italy to buy, Abruzzo is a good choice. The video follows the search for the perfect investment in this central region of Italy of two food- and wine-loving friends from the UK. This video can be useful for anyone interested in buying a home in Italy to better understand the Italian market and help you think about all the different elements that go into property research and buying.  


4. Authentic Tastes of Sardinia & Sicily | Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes

From the BBC’s Documentary Channel, comes the series ‘Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes’, a journey across the Mediterranean’s history and food in the company of British celebrity chef Rick Stein. In this video, Rick travels to Sardinia, where he watches local fishermen catch mullet using methods that date back to ancient Roman times; and to Palermo, where he finds one of the best pasta dishes he's ever tasted. 


5. Katie Parla: Tasting Rome: Fresh Flavors & Recipes From an Ancient City | Talks at Google

In this talk at Google, New Jersey-born, Rome-based cookbook author and food journalist Katie Parla discusses cucina romana, or Roman cuisine, which is her expertise; she shares Rome's celebrated traditional dishes, innovative street food scene, and forgotten recipes, traces the foundations of Roman cuisine and explains how it has evolved. A must for anyone fascinated by Roman food and the history of Italian cuisine in general. Keep in mind that "Tasting Rome" is a cookbook co-authored with Kristina Gil, an Italy-based food and travel photographer and the food and drinks editor at DesignSponge.