George (Clooney) is more Italian than me!

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 04:16
George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis

Last month, Italian showgirl Elisabetta Canalis, interviewed in the popular talk show “Che tempo che fa” revealed some fun details about her life with Hollywood star boyfriend George Clooney in Los Angeles.

In girl-next-door persona, Elisabetta talked about her “normal” day to day life as Clooney’s girlfriend and the latest development in her career.

Right at the beginning of the interview, presenter Fabio Fazio pointed out that Canalis once said that Italian men have more savoir-faire than Americans and asked what happened to change her mind. The model
and showgirl replied that “the person in question”, George Clooney, is in many ways more Italian then she is: she tells us that her partner is in love with Italy, knows things about the country that many Italians do not and likes to travel around small Italian towns by himself from time to time.

Fazio continued asking about her private life: “Tell us everything about your life and let us dream! Make it up, if you want!” “We have a red carpet leading to our front door” she teased him, but after an initial attempt to describe a ordinary life with George Clooney flipping burgers on a barbecue, she mentioned the occasion when former UN Secretary Kofi Annan came to dinner with his wife and mother-in-law, and former baseball player Buddy Harrelson!

Asked how Americans view Italy, Elisabetta said that they think it is a beautiful, wonderful place and that when she tells people that she is Italian, they exclaim, “How wonderful!” Towards the end of the interview, popular actress and comedian Luciana Littizzetto, joined Fazio and Elisabetta Canalis giving a decidedly more spicy flavour to the interview.

With her great sense of humor Luciana Littizzetto had rather less discrete questions for Canalis, much to the feigned embarrassment of Fazio. She wondered what particular phrase Elisabetta used to conquer the Hollywood heartthrob, Clooney: Did she perhaps say, “Do you like pasta with sardines? I’m yours!”? The comedian, after trying to pry out some more funny details about their love life, jokingly wondered whether Clooney also gets up to go to the bathroom at night or, like most men, has a bad breath when he wakes up.

Below you find the video of the full interview. We think that, knowing about the main points discussed in the interview, this video offers a great and fun opportunity to practice your Italian language comprehension skills.