"Non e' vero, ma ci credo" (It is not true, but I believe it), Italians say! And this goes for the horoscope too. Every year in Italy, during the first weeks of January, TV shows, magazines and dedicated websites devote time to the horoscope for the new year. The focus is usually on what the stars predict regarding your health, love, work and money. Here at ITALY Magazine, we decided to have fun and commissioned an Italy-related horoscope for our readers. Have fun!



The dynamic, quick and competitive Aries who love Italy and are planning a trip will make it in spring this year. Their preference for any situation that requires courage and action, may take them rock climbing on the Dolomites, exploring the volcanic Eolian Islands, kite surfing on lake Garda, simply having fun Italian-style.


For the gourmet of the Zodiac, Italy is art, nature and beauty, but above all great food. This year Taurus will enjoy the tastes of Italy either in the comfort of their house with great Italian dinner parties or by coming to Italy for a special wine tour or a cooking holiday in the early fall.


Gemini are coming to town! 2014 is the time to visit Italian lively towns or busy city neighborhoods and for the twins to join the local crowd and fell like true Italians. A small B&B or a guest house where you can get friendly with your hosts is your best option to enjoy Italy.


Cancer are always most comfortable at home, close to family and friends.
This is why Italy is coming home! Some top notch Italian design object is going to enter the circle of your familiar things, whether a special piece of furniture, a kitchen gadget or simply a made in Italy clothing item. For those travelling to Italy, renting a holiday house and bringing some friends a long is the key to a perfect Italian holiday.


In the sun! That is where a Lion belongs. Get your bikini ready as this year your Italian experience will be only about fun and relaxation. The beautiful unspoiled beaches of Sicily or Sardinia are waiting for you in late August - beginning of September. As usual, you will make a lot of friends and going back home will be particularly hard.


Your love for animals and nature takes you around the most unspoiled Italian areas. Your Italian dream will come true during the fall: a holiday at an agriturismo (farm house) where you can help collect organic vegetables or go for a ride in the countryside. Choose a location close to one of the many wonderful Italian Nature Parks or Nature Preserves to enjoy it even more.


You hate being alone! So get your friends packed and make your dream come true: visit the so called Citta' d' Arte and their amazing museums. Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples are calling for you. Spring or Christmas are the best times!


Luxurious boutique hotels, fancy restaurants and a night at the Opera. This year you will enjoy a sensuous holiday in Italy either in February, around Saint Valentine day, or towards the end of the year in late November. Watch out for the Amore Latino!


For the traveler of the Zodiac who have already taken any chance to get on a plane a visit Italy, even this year a trip is in the air. Summer will take you to new unexplored destinations. Calabria and Basilicata could be the perfect locations to enjoy food, culture, nature and the sea-side off the beaten track.


You will come to Italy on a business trip to one of the major cities, probably Milan or Turin, but given your love for urban environments with culture and style, you will turn your work related visit into a real treat.


Even though you might not make it to Italy this year, your amazing imagination and resourceful personality will make the most out of all things Italian around you. March is the right time to join an Italian language course, exchange ideas with other people who love Italy and start planning for your next trip.


Art, Art and more Art! Your love for the movies and for the sea makes Venice your ideal Italian holiday destination, start planning your trip to enjoy Venice Film Festival in September, the stars are with you!