See You Later Alligator!

| Thu, 02/27/2020 - 01:17
people talking italy

How can you say goodbye to your new Italian friends without using the word ‘ciao’? There are many options! Try one of these out and not only will you widen your vocabulary, but you’ll sound more like a local too.

Let’s start with how to translate ‘see you later’ in Italian. You can use any of these expressions to say goodbye to friends you know you will be seeing again soon.

See you later

A dopo
A più tardi
Ci si vede
Ci vediamo
Ci vediamo dopo

Alternative expressions

Once you’ve tried all of these, you can expand it a little and start to use other similar expressions like:

A presto – see you soon
Ci vediamo presto – see you soon
Ci sentiamo presto – speak soon
A fra/tra poco – see you shortly / see you in a bit
Ci becchiamo dopo – this is a particularly informal expression that means ‘meet up soon’ but could also be translated as ‘see you later alligator’
Alla prossima – until we meet again / until the next time
A domani – see you tomorrow

Example sentences

Here are some sentences using these expressions:

Devo rispondere al telefonino. A più tardi! – I’ve got to answer my phone. See you later!
Ecco l’autobus. Ci vediamo dopo! – Here’s the bus. See you later!
Ora bisogna lavorare, ci sentiamo presto – Now it’s time to work, speak soon
Devo scappare. A tra poco! – I have to rush off. See you in a bit!
Mi sono divertito molto oggi. Ciao, alla prossima. – I had lots of fun today. Bye, until the next time
A domani, non vedo l’ora – See you tomorrow, can’t wait

So many ways to say a quick goodbye to your Italian friends. Go for one of these instead of a cheery ‘ciao ciao’ next time!