Things To Do and See in Italy in August 2021

| Wed, 07/28/2021 - 12:04

Performance is on the agenda this month with a wealth of events dedicated to various arts-based realms. These include music, street art, literature, and even quirky kinds of performance including famous dubbers, jugglers, and medieval fire eaters!

As ever, please check the event websites for last-minute changes to the schedules in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions.

Summer Jamboree

Senigallia, 1st - 8th August 2021


summer jamboree

The popularity of the 1940s and 1950s continues to thrive to this day. Movies and music from the period remain part of the 21st-century cultural fabric, so it's inevitable that festivals such as Senigallia's Summer Jamboree are also a big draw for modern audiences.

The Summer Jamboree rounds up the music and culture of 1940s and 1950s America, and is due to mark its 21st edition this August. In addition to rockabilly and swing music (whether through DJ sets or concerts), there are other great experiences awaiting visitors. You can sample '40s- and '50s-style street food, take up the dances of the period, and admire some of the classic cars of the era.

As a refreshing antidote to the trials of the 2020s, there's nothing quite like the Summer Jamboree to blow away the cobwebs...


Corinaldo Jazz

4th - 5th August 2021

Following the preview concert in mid-July, the two-day Corinaldo Jazz festival presses ahead in the early part of August.

As it reaches its 23rd edition, Corinaldo Jazz prides itself on attracting acclaimed jazz artists from around the world. This year's artists will be the Zeppetella-Boxwood Quintet and the Lanzoni-Morgan-McPherson Trio. There's nothing like relaxing in the sun to a bit of jazz music, although in the event of rain, the performances will take place at Teatro Goldoni.


Palio del Duca – Sponsalia

Acquaviva Picena, 5th - 8th August 2021

1234 saw the wedding of Forastéria, Rinaldo of Acquaviva’s daughter, and Rainaldo of Brunforte. The local region of Acquaviva Picena marks this union with an annual re-enactment on the first Thursday, Friday, and Sunday of August.

2021 becomes a medieval vista with period music, food, entertainment, and parades. The event commences with the historical court and cloth benediction, which is followed by the Palio itself on Friday. The wedding banquet is recreated in all its glory the following Sunday. 

It's an especially impressive feast, featuring sumptuous food, medieval waiters, and period entertainment including dancing, games, and fire eaters.


Time in Jazz Festival

Berchidda, 7th - 16th August 2021

Another great jazz festival, Time In Jazz (the brainchild of Paolo Fresu) returns this August in a choice of locations in and around Berchidda. These include the main square, towns, forest, and even churches. Those who aren't mad about jazz will still find much to enjoy in the festival, which branches out into dance, cinema, and arts. 

This year's acts include Lovesick Duo, Blues Against Youth, Alessandro Sanna, Alessandra Freguja, Mario Venuti, and Fabio Giachino.


John Fante Festival

Torricella Peligna, 19th - 22nd August 2021

Celebrated writer John Fante's life will be honored in this special literature-themed event this August.

Abruzzo's small village of Torricella Peligna is the destination and was selected because it was the birthplace of John's father, Nick. The festival carries on the tradition of keeping it in the family with special appearances from Fante's own children, Victoria and Jim.

John Fante wrote for the printed page and for the screen, and this event celebrates the impressive portfolio of his work as well as that of other local authors. The event boasts a number of special readings, performances, seminars, and meetings with invited guest authors. 


Ferrara International Buskers Festival

25th - 29th August 2021


Talk about taking it to the streets.

The Ferrara International Buskers Festival is acclaimed around the world, bringing in plenty of tourists, both Italian and international. It has welcomed more than 800,000 visitors and in excess of 1000 artists from over 40 countries.

While it's recognized as one of the largest street art events globally, the festival also widens its doors to welcome all kinds of performers including musicians, clowns, jugglers, and acrobats. This year's line-up includes Lev Radagan, Chanson Trottoir, Dario Rossi, Residual Gurus, Scott & Lilla, and Cinque Uomini. Please note that some events may require advance reservation.