Under the Tuscan “Run” - When the Property Dream Becomes A Nightmare

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| Thu, 09/16/2021 - 03:58

So I am not gonna lie, that movie is my “comfort food”. 

Well, that and copious amounts of pasta and the odd vino or two. 
(But we’re not here about my vices)

But it’s undeniable: the Hollywood version of buying and renovating here is DEFINITELY a highlights reel.

As a bilingual consultant specialising in foreigners purchasing property here in Italy, I’ve not only witnessed people buying properties that were just plain wrong for them, but I saw people lose their entire life savings in:

  • Illegal sales (disturbingly common)
  • Unlive-able homes (even more often)
  • Contractors with no interest in doing a good job
  • And (constantly) experiencing the exact opposite of the Italian Dream.

The truth is, I have seen absolutely EVERYTHING in my nearly 7 years working in the Real Estate and Holiday Rentals industries here in Italy.

Dodgy builders, “surprise” invoices, bureaucracy out the wazoo…You may have heard these are “standard” when buying property in Italy. 
I made an entire business out of helping people navigate their way through buying property in Italy, helping them avoid the pitfalls, bureaucracy, stressful renovations, you name it.
But there is another way. A better way. A smarter way. 
A way in which you can be shielded from the extra layers of unwanted bureaucracy and skip straight to the crunch.
Turn key properties that are ready to give you what you are looking for. Passive income. 
In my online community of nearly 5,000 active members, I undertook some serious market research to understand what people are REALLY looking for when buying property in Italy.
Is it: 
Having their dream property ready-made, ready to rent and earn an income as soon as they get the keys in hand
Buying a cheaper property and undertaking a restoration/refurbishment job from afar
95% of the people who answered this question voted for option number 1.
So I decided to create the first Turn-Key Property group for the Italian Real Estate market. My aim for this group is to deliver to the members, properties that have been hand-selected by myself, as an expert in the Holiday Rental and Real Estate industries, for a solid ROI, for their location, for their specification and to really guide the members in the group to purchase the right type of property that is going to align with their goals and objectives.
What I notice so often in the property industry here in Italy is that so many foreign buyers get swayed by a low price point and really this is where you can go horribly wrong.
Cheap does not represent value.
Being guided by professionals who have earned their stripes in the industry is key if you want to avoid losing your hard-earned cash to the infamous Italian bureaucracy or buying a complete lemon, and let’s face it the only lemons we want are the ones sold on the Amalfi Coast! 
I am launching my FREE online community: Italy Turn Key, Ready-To-Rent-Out Property Lovers this week which will be PACKED of incredible income-generating properties giving you the passive income you are looking for whilst helping you enjoy your Italian holidays for free! 
Living the La Dolce Vita Dream right? Click HERE to join the group and make sure you enter your email address to obtain my free Ebook bundle to get you onto the right track!