'You Will Be Back': Our Favorite Readers' Submissions (1)

Thu, 05/14/2020 - 00:00
Typical Tuscan landscape

We recently asked you to send us photos and stories of your best travel memories from previous trips to Italy and the destinations you want to visit as soon as it is safe to do so. We'll be sharing some of our favorites, those that most touched us or resonated with us, here in the magazine and on our social media. Thank you so much for sharing these memories with us!

1. "During the process of obtaining Italian citizenship, we visited the comune in Calabria where my husband's family originated. Imagine our surprise when the director of the citizenship office offered for us to meet his family! We reconnected with my husband's Italian family in 2011. We continue to visit on average once a year, sometimes twice. It's a trek down to Calabria from the East Coast of the US and his second cousin (their grandfathers were brothers) and her husband speak no English. Their three daughters live in the north of Italy (Bologna and Milan) and we visit them frequently as well. The decision now is whether to retire in the North or South of Italy! (The picture is of my husband's cousin teaching me some cooking skills. When we visit, most of our time is spent around the kitchen table eating and drinking.)"

Women cooking in the kitchen


2. "Last year was my eighth time in Italy and I loved every minute. There is something that makes me happy in Italy. Maybe it is nature - mountains, sea, lakes. Maybe it is plants - oranges, grapes, rosemary, lavender, sage, olives. Maybe it is towns with all the history what you feel at every step. Maybe it is food - pica, gelato, coffee. Maybe it is people - happy, welcoming and always with positive attitude. And maybe it is all together. And I know I definitely will be back soon!"

Tourists kissing in Rome


3. "Hello. I go every two years. I have for 40 years now. My soul is in Italy. My husband was from there. But he id not like traveling. So for years I went by myself. Which I loved. Over the past several years my friends became widows and one by one have started going with me. We call it the widows club. Some don't go every time, a few do. My best friend has gone every time over the past 12 years. Last year we started in Switzerland at the Matterhorn. Then flew to Venice, train to Florence, we spent 5 to 7 days in each place we went. Then on to Milan, train to Lake Como.. Then down to Naples driver to Praiano, my favorite place in all of Italy. Some times I spend 4 or 5 weeks just there. Then driver back to Naples and ferry to Ischia....Love it just wonderful. ferried back then to Sorrento only for a day trip and up to Rome to spend 5 more days. Flew back to Geneva Switzerland nd stayed 4 days.. and flew back to America. This is my friend and I in Praiano at Trattoria san gennaro Praiano, with our good friend of many years Rossella . Her family owns trattoria..We are praying for ll of Italy and will be going back next year."

People sitting around table in Praiano


4. "I celebrated my birthday in Giardini Naxos, Sicily, the Hilton hotel kindly made me a cake. Nothing can compare to this. As a disabled person, i needed amenities closeby I travelled there on my own & felt safe, touring around on the hop on, hop off buses, or walking around the port mixing & haggling with the locals."



5. "As we walked through the old part of Matera, it felt like we were walking back in time. We found it amazing how the simplicity of building home in a cave could be so unique for the people. You could feel how these caves were their homes. Meeting the people of Matera was a beautiful, moving experience. The kindness they showed to us will always be remembered with joy."

A couple taking a photo

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