100 Year Old Man Sued for Paternity

Natalie Aldern | Tue, 01/11/2011 - 04:20

A 75-year-old woman in Northern Italy has brought a suit against the man she believes is her father. The would-be dad is a sprightly 100 years old.

The woman turned to police last year after a lifetime of never knowing who her father was. The centenarian she believes to be her papa has never recognized her as his child, and he is not about to start now.

The older gentleman is currently in a court battle with his presumed daughter over DNA evidence. Swabs taken from the man show a "an extremely high probability" of a genetic relationship, but the man's lawyers are attempting to have the evidence thrown out. They claim that the expert who visited the aging Romeo in his nursing home to collect the DNA samples, did not obtain proper consent.

A judge in Reggio Emilia will decide if the evidence against the 100-year-old can be introduced into the case. The Italian centenarian must wait until April 30th to learn his fatherly fate.

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