Earthquake Experts on Trial for L'Aquila Deaths

Fri, 05/27/2011 - 01:27

Seven experts will stand trial for supposedly failing to accurately evaluate the danger of L’Aquila tremors in 2009.

A judge has decided that the group did not provide enough information about whether small tremors that hit the region prior to the 6 April quake could be indicative of a larger disaster.

The 6 April earthquake killed more than 300 people, and the seven men must now face manslaughter chargers when they return to court for their September trial date.

A 31 March 2009 meeting found that it was ‘improbable’ a major quake would hit the region, despite six months of seismic activity.

Lawyers argue that the charges against the scientists on the panel should be dismissed because earthquakes are impossible to predict.

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