Italy Magazine Issue 32 - November

Wed, 11/09/2005 - 05:02

Issue 32

"By the time you read this the vendemmia will be over, the grapes pressed and bottled and the wine starting to ferment. We have just the one huge monster vine which has wrapped itself around the pergola and after last year's brutal hacking back by the builders is now groaning under the weight of fat, black fragolina eating grapes. After reading Marc Millon's article in this issue on passito maybe I will let them get really mature and then try my hand at making vin santo for Christmas."

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sense of place

'chestnuts roasting in an open fire' - in Turin, Piedmont

on the rails - the Faenza to Florence line

A train journey off the beaten track from Faenza to Florence described by seasoned traveller Stefano Rossini

Todi: the perfect city

Stefano Caporali sings the praises of Todi and its surroundings in the Middle Tiber Valley



what's on

Our guide to the most interesting events in Italy in November

Italian insight and news

painting in paradise

A double love for Italy has also enabled Alan Reed to mix business with pleasure

book reviews

what Rubens learned from the Italians

Aleid Ford reviews an exhibition covering the great artist's early years

dual language

In this issue's dual language article, Richard Sale describes an eerie battlefield in north-east Italy

what Rubens learned from the Italians

Aleid Ford reviews an exhibition covering the great artist's early years


A lifelong love for Italy inspired Mary Hoffman's breathtaking series of books


Passito wines

The secrets of these luscious dessert wines revealed by Marc Millon

the generation game

Germaine Stafford travels to Irpinia to meet a family whose gastronomic future lies firmly in the past


day tripper

Let Christine Webb be your guide to Umbria's capital, PERUGIA


artisans of the Via Emilia

Why is Emilia Romagna home to so many car makers? Timandra Harkness seeks out the answer


one man and his olives

Oretta Zanini de Vita meets a man totally devoted to his 'children'

Palermo's Villa Giulia and Orto Botanico

Two lovely gardens in Palermo make Sue Robinson's days

an old mill by the stream

Adam Butler discovers a lovingly-restored property on the Tuscan coast

autumn and winter menswear fashion

There's a design company paying tribute to a devastatingly-cool Hollywood icon this winter. Monica Moretti seeks it out


Our regular feature by Emma Bird looks at surviving in Sicily and how to become a relocation agent


what's available in... western Umbria

Paul Cleary and Charlie Mitford look at the property market in the 'Green Heart' of Italy