The Kitchen is the Most Beloved Room in Italian Homes

Thu, 04/07/2011 - 05:04

When Italians go house shopping there is one room that matters more than the rest: the kitchen.

A new survey by confirmed that the kitchen is Italy’s most beloved room. The website based its results on the 6 million queries it receives every month from people searching for new homes.

Not only is the kitchen the most desired room, home buyers also know exactly what they are looking for. Almost one in six Italian real estate shoppers wants a place for the family chef that includes an island. 14% even specify the brand of kitchen that they are looking for.

Since la cucina matters most, Italian home shoppers are willing to compromise on other features like closets and balconies in favor of a better place to cook and gather.

While the survey helps confirm that the kitchen is truly the heart of an Italian home, it means there might be some Italian real estate steals out there for those who don’t mind skipping home cooked meals.