Blame it on Belen, says Tim

Mon, 12/13/2010 - 05:04

Argentinian model Belen Rodriguez, whose star has risen high in Italy over recent months, is being blamed for the failure of the latest TIM [Telecom Italia Mobile] television advertising campaign. TIM sources have told newspapers that many Italians, in particular families, did not like seeing Belen in the advertisements and that the company consequently lost clients.

TIM did not elaborate on the reasons why Italians have suddenly taken a dislike to the supermodel and showgirl but the Italian media is speculating that it may be because she is “too sexy” for the country’s housewives or that her relationship with former photographic agency head Fabrizio Corona, who has been involved in financial scandals, is offensive to families. Or could it be that Italians are just fed up with seeing Belen’s image everywhere?

In February Belen is to co-host the Sanremo Song Festival with Elisabetta Canalis and Gianni Morandi and the Mayor of Sanremo has already said that he is unhappy about her presence at the famous festival because of her “dubious morals”.

Telecom Italia Mobile is said to be looking for a replacement for Belen.