Cinquecento aficionados to meet in Liguria

Wed, 04/21/2010 - 06:00

Photo from the Fiat Club 500 Archive

The 27th Cinquecento meeting will take place in garlenda, Liguria, in July, allowing owners to show off their cars, and spectators to admire them in action against the backdrop of the Ligurian coastline

Quick, which is the cutest Italian car ever made? The FIAT 500, of course! Even though it is more than fifty years old, the tiny city car remains the prettiest economy vehicle ever designed and continues to thrill aficionados from around the world.

Some 1,000 of them will soon converge to the Ligurian town of Garlenda for a three day event starring classic Cinquecentos. The 27th international FIAT 500 meeting, which will take place from Friday 2 to Sunday 4 July, is the perfect opportunity for owners to get to know one another, compare notes and purchase spare parts, and for visitors to admire the minuscule car in action.

Over the three days, the Cinquecentos will take to the twisting, panoramic roads that link the coastal towns of the Riviera, providing people with an opportunity to view the classic cars against the jawdropping backdrops of flower-studded hills and sea. But the best place to do some serios Cinquecento-spotting is the ‘catwalk’ show that will take place at the Villanova d’Albenga Race Course on Sunday 4 July. Spectators will be able to go onto the track and inspect the cars, while drivers will be in for a chance to win a prize. After the show, the cars will engage in an Indianapolis style carousel and tour.

And this being Italy, the three day event also includes plenty of opportunities to sample local food, both at the stalls that will line the race course from 2 July and during the evening aperitivo.

Cinquencento owners who would like to attend the event can register with the Italian Fiat 500 Club. Registrations cost 20 euros and will close after 1,000 participants have signed up. Spectators don’t need to register, but they are advised to book their accommodation early, as hotels and campings are expected to fill up quickly.

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