Rome Bank Robbers Hide in Holiday Crowds

Tue, 12/20/2011 - 04:58

A group of five men carried out a major heist at the Unicredit branch located next to the Spanish Steps in Rome.

On Monday afternoon, the robbers gained access to the bank and threatened employees with a gun. Taking stock of missing funds after the robbery, it is estimated that the thieves made off with around 250,000 Euro.

The group of five made a speedy exit, scattering and disappearing into the holiday shopping crowd. At least three of the bank robbers were dressed in jackets resembling police uniforms, but it is believed that at least some of the thieves merely blended into the commuters and tourists massed at the Spagna metro stop.

The robbers were inside the bank for less than a minute. An employee present at the holdup revealed that the location does not use metal detectors and that the money bags were not equipped with security ink to mark the stolen banknotes.

Crowds outside the bank in the popular shopping and sightseeing area did not notice that anything was amiss.