Bread making

06/25/2013 - 18:35

Hi does anyone make there own bread? in particular wheat free, using speltflour. Have tried doing a search but very little joy. I have read that the amount of bread being produced in Italy has risen dramaticaly since     2008. So I hope next time I go over that there maybe a reasonable selection.  


I make bread with semola di grano duro sentatore cappelli, I tried several mix, with a 10 % spelt, oats, barley, monococco, and so on, making 100% spelt bread is not easy, leavening performance is less than a manitoba or a semola.

hi,yes we often make our own bread and often use speltflour ( farina di farro) instead of wheat.In most supermarkets you can now get a wide range of flours including ones that do not contain glutens it is not a problem...However reading again your post it wasn't clear if you wanted to find bread ready made without gluten grain flours because whilst most bakers know about it they make very little or only on request as there is little or no demand for it.If on the other hand you want to make it yourself you should have no difficulty whatsoever.we live in a fairly remote rural area but one can find these things without difficulty.

I make my own bread all the time, but don't normally use just spelt.  However I found a good recipe for you and I have tried it out. Recipe is from Giorgio Locatelli - Made in Italy Food and Stories.Makes 1 loaf.5g fresh yeast, 740 g water at room temperature (I know this sounds like a lot of water but you use half of it to cook the spelt). 120 g Farro/spelt, 250g farro/spelt flour, 1 Teaspoon of salt.Soak farro in water to cover for 10 - 15 mins, then drain, put in pan with half of water in recipe and bring to boil, and simmer until all water has virtually gone, bit like risotto.Using other half of water disolve yeast.While farro is hot transfer into a bowl and add flour and salt, and then gradually work in yeast/water mix.  The dough is very sloppy. Put into 500g bread tin and leave for 1.5 hours. Should double in size,Heat your oven to the hottest 250C and bake for 40 mins. Leave oven door open very slightly for last 10 mins to crisp bread.I made this bread yesterday - tried it warm when it came out of the oven , and then again for breakfast this morning - with marmite !.  It is delicious and a bit like german pumpernickel.