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Historic Centre of Naples
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Castel del Monte
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Royal Palace of Caserta
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2-bed Italian Palazzo apartment for sale through fractional ownership for £57,300*/share

Enjoy your slice of Italian living with the latest exquisitely restored property from The Pinelli Group. This high-end two-bedroom, fully managed apartment with small terrace within the heart of the historic center of Campagna is currently available at £57,300* per 1/12th freehold share, giving you four weeks a year and peace of mind that the property is fully maintained and taken care of in your absence.

Palazzo Maratea is a stunning building in the historic part of town, just a short walk away from the main piazza and the center of village life with its bars and restaurants. A warm welcome awaits you in Campagna, an authentic Southern Italian town bursting with beautiful natural surroundings and a river running through its center.

Fractional Ownership With The Pinelli Group

The Pinelli Group makes luxury high-end properties accessible through fractional ownership. This proven model is not timeshare. With fractional ownership, you will own an equal share of the freehold property and equity and only pay proportionately for what you actually use, sharing the annual running costs with your fellow co-owners.

Co-ownership, or Fractional Ownership, is ideal for people who are drawn to the idea of ​​owning a vacation home but don't necessarily have the time to enjoy longer stays in the property throughout the year. The concept allows owners to enjoy all the upsides of owning a luxury property, with plenty of space to welcome extended family and friends without the higher price bracket.

Through co-ownership, the property is co-owned by a maximum of 12 shareholders, each of whom owns part of the equity and freehold of the property. 

Each shareholder is entitled to FOUR weeks a year of exclusive use of their Palazzo apartment. Owners can enjoy extended annual stays at the property by purchasing multiple shares. Furthermore, owners can choose their preferred weeks each year via a fair rotation calendar to provide flexibility of occupation for each and every shareholder.

The Many Benefits of Fractional Ownership with Pinelli Includes:

  • Greater value for less money  - More value for your property investment and access to high-end luxury properties.
  • Economic sense - Only pay for the time you will realistically use and make a return by renting out any unused weeks.
  • Reduced running costs - Only pay for your share of maintenance and upkeep.
  • Hassle-free - Enjoy a property that's fully managed, expertly maintained, secure, and taken care of for you. 
  • An appreciating asset - Earn financial yield through any capital appreciation of your asset.
  • Transferable - Each equity share can be sold or passed on to future generations.

With a maximum of 12 owners, owning a slice of a stunning apartment in Palazzo Maratea allows you to explore this picturesque town and surrounding areas from your luxury apartment without the hassles that generally come with owning a vacation home. Everything is taken care of, and the property is ready from the moment you arrive, with the house team on hand should you need them. By sharing the property's running expenses with your fellow co-owners, owning your slice of an Italian Palazzo becomes a simple, hassle-free process.


* £57,300 is the current property share price and is sold in £ (British Pounds). While this website may automatically convert from € to £ at a preselected rate, to ensure transparency and stability, please be advised the current price for the 2 bed with terrace is £57,300 per 1/12th share.



The Palazzo Maratea apartments are fully managed, eliminating the hassle of maintaining a property abroad, especially when you’re not there. The annual running costs are split equally between all co-owners, and the local taxes, insurance, maintenance, property taxes etc., are all taken care of, so you don’t have to think about anything apart from turning up to a ready property which is cleaned and replenished with freshly laundered bedding and towels weekly.


Restored Palazzo and Interior Designed Apartments 

The 16th-century Palazzo has undergone a painstaking restoration by a carefully selected team of local artisans to showcase and bring back to life an exquisite property of historical value. The beautifully renovated two-bedroom, two-bathroom light-filled apartment sits on the third floor of Palazzo Maratea. 

The open-concept layout of the one and two-bedroom serviced apartments exudes a refined yet understated elegant vibe, emphasizing home warmth and a seamless combination of sophistication and modernity with bright open spaces. The sumptuous yet comfortable furniture from Loberon will make you feel right at home as soon as you step inside. There is a small outside terrace with furniture off of the main bedroom.

Key Features:

  • Lobby with comfortable seating and fountain
  • Fireplace
  • Juliet balconies
  • Fully-equipped kitchens
  • Laundry room with washer and dryer
  • Main bedroom and ensuite bathroom
  • Guest bedroom and separate bathroom
  • Airconditioning/heating

Click here to watch the Palazzo Maratea walkthrough on YouTube 


Southern Italian Gem

This historical Palazzo is located in Campagna, just a few minutes walk from the main square and its coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. The town, twinned with Monaco, dates back to Roman times under Emperor Augustus and is located in Southwestern Italy, in the region of Campania.

The alluring town offers a stunning backdrop of the Picentini mountains and is surrounded by beautiful countryside, woods, and hiking trails. The fast-flowing river running through the town with its waterfalls and lagoon pools is celebrated every summer with the famous “A Chiena” festival. It attracts visitors to enjoy the fun atmosphere when the water is temporarily diverted, running through the streets. 

Campagna is easily accessible, only 15 minutes from the main autoroute connecting Rome with Sicily, and a superb location for those seeking to enjoy the delights and charms of the authentic South of Italy. Nearby towns and cities include Eboli, with excellent rail links to the rest of Italy, and Contursi Terme, famed for its thermal springs, Senerchia, Olevano sul Tusciano, Postiglione, and Serre. 

The UNESCO World Heritage site at Paestum - the location of three incredibly preserved Greek Temples is a short drive away and a must-see! Campagna is just over one hour's drive from Naples International Airport and under 20 minutes from the new Salerno - Amalfi Coast Airport, opening in July 2024. 

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