Ciao everyone,I need advice on

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09/03/2018 - 23:29

Ciao everyone,I need advice on schooling in Italy. We are moving back to Italy next Jan 2019. My husband is Italian but we always live overseas and never live permanently in Italy. Our only son 9y has been going to International School since kindergarten. He only speaks English. We are worried that going to school in Italy will stressed him out for the language berrier. Anyone has similar experience or has any tips or advice how I prepare my son to go Italian school would be so grateful.Thank you.



Hi miu2018,I wanted worry about it too much.My eldest son was the same age when we moved over. Never even spoke a word of Italian and now 6 years on he is in highschool and he is pretty much on parr with other students. I'm sure the school will help him out as well. I'm speaking as someone based in southern Italy where the communities are close knit, so may be a little different for example in larger cities.Children seem to adapt a lot easier than us adults. My advice is to not impose any stress on to him directly. We found that keeping on top of the teachers is the better way.Good Luck.

Hi,my son is 9 now and has Asperger's which made it a bit harder as he gets stressed easily BUT he's now been in his Italian school over a year and is almost fluent in Italian.   First few months are hardest, frustration can cause issues but if you, like us, find a good school with understanding and patient teachers I'm sure your son will be fine! We didn't but always an option to have some extra lessons outside school!likelihood is he will start a year down to get him up to speed language whys without stress of having to learn new things as well, then once language is up to speed they can slowly push him back up to where he should be. We are fortunate, our little town has an amazing school, small classes so three year groups in together which enables them to push my son gently ☺good luck, he will be fine x