07/12/2012 - 17:43

I have not been able to view the CiaoLunigiana website for a couple of weeks. Does anyone else have the same problem? Whether I type in the web address, or click on a link from google, the same thing happens. It connects, then the screen hangs, and I have to close down manually.



I just put it in google and clicked through ok and went on to blogs and markets and all worked.  Maybe they are having intermittent problems with their server?

Hi I have done extensive checks with my hosting service as well as with the provider of my website theme, as a couple of other people have had the same problem.  Neither the hosting service nor my theme are responsible for the problem. It seems to be an Internet Explorer issue, as no other browser, including mobile ones, has a problem opening my site. You only have to do a quick search the internet to see that many people have encountered this problem with a variety of sites - they can open some websites, but not others, even although they previously had no problems. I have worked with a couple of people to try and solve the problem, but like others on the internet, nothing seems to work. Here are a couple of things you could try:

  • clear your cache & cookies & reboot your computer
  • reset Internet Explorer - you can find out how to do so on the Microsoft site

Alternatively, switch to Chrome. It is much better browser and you'll avoid all the problems associated with Internet Explorer. You can download it for free at I'm really sorry you haven't been able to load my site - please do switch to Chrome and keep visitng Ciao Lunigiana. Many thanks