Cost of rewiring

02/12/2011 - 12:33

  Anyone care to hazard a guess at the current cost to have an old(ish) 250sqm house rewired? Also do you know if they do low level voltage lighting? Finally the house is in effect split in to your normal 2 parts with downstairs being still virtually (and on plans as ) storerooms. Is it possible to only have the upstairs rewired regards certification etc and cut down costs (doubt if we ever intend to join upstairs and downstairs as one)?  :)



You pay per point - so every socket, say 50 euros, every switch, 40 euros and so on - the rest is included in the price.  With a complete rewire you will have a new 'quadro' which is extra, circuit breakers - 25 euros each, etc ertc etc.  Low voltage lighting is common, but its normal voltage with a transformer.  You should decide how many circuits you want - one for water motor, one for immersion, one for lights, sockets, each floor etc - and then you can calculate - albeit roughly how much it will all cost.   If you want certification (now a requirement) ask for it at the beginning and make sure you use a qualified electrician with fatture. 

In my mind, Ram is by far and away the most knowledgeable poster on this and other Italia forums. As he says, low voltage lighting is fairly common. We have it in our garden. The cost was over €3,000. How long is a piece of string? If you are looking at a full rewire (as opposed to partial) for a house of 250 m2, then you are probably looking at a 5 figure sum. In actual fact, prices are not much different from the UK. Just google UK sites to get a guide.

i agree with ram,although i'm not up to date with tariffs.i would however (in spite of costs) urge you to consider doing the entire job even if it's divided into circuits because,as said at some stage you will require total certification.if it's done in "bits" this will in time only mean you'll pay more.The part of the house that you won't be using immediately you could leave for example without physical plaques/switches etc but ensure that everything else is in place.i'd also recommend from experience that you don't skimp on power points italian electricians will tend to anyway (ie. one large room with only one power point) this can cause problems later on.of course you can spend a lot of money on "fancy" plaques like walnut root wood and bronzed ones or straight white plastic ones and save suprising amounts (i don't think you want to sit in a room admiring the light switches)ask around your area for a good electrician and you should be able to come up with a reasonable quote.

... folks that gives us a good idea. We had looked at the UK prices, but they are like anywhere I guess and vary so much... i.e. £3000 to £10,000 for an average 3 bedrooms house!!! Of course depending on who and where in the UK and if they are just rip-off merchants .... As usual invaluable information from the forum.... Thanks again. :)

when surveying for PV panel installations I always find that access to the quadra from outside is all used up and costly digging up of marchepiedi etc is needed for the rather fat cables, SO always put a large piece of ducting from the outside possetto to the quadra and then another one for any comms wires that don't like sitting next to power lines. Inside you might consider - for the salone - a central switch that controls a socket in each corner of the room... that way all your table lamps, which always seem to end up in the corners, can be switched without trying to remember how each one individually works. Think out any spot lamps on beams and put in ducting anyway if in doubt ... beats having a jack hammer trenching the wall later.... and then there's the rear speakers of the home cinema kit; they will need ducting in place too. Back outside; ducting to security lights cameras etc on all outside walls will give you more choice for later. Finally make all this mouse proof or you could end up spending a fortune.

i like this site ... thats if you can get through the details but it has pretty up to date pricings..but you need to spend time and find the right details for you.. regarding costs... you can reduce them if you want to be involved by channeling out and replastering after the wiring is installed.. to be honest you cannot compare UK installation costs because here the wiring has to go through or laid into solid walls.. you channel out and then insert flexible tubing.. again if you feel confident you can do this too.. well and have the time.. the difficulty will be if you have to go through meter wide walls.. you will need a drill and a bit capable of that..  i agree with comments about setting the system up properly and allowing for extension into the downtstairs  area i would go for seperate breaker boxes for each floor .. and they are very simple..  one breaker each for lights and sockets... you will maybe need a higher rated breaker for an electric oven.. i would also add in bewteen the mains switch and the breakers an input socket with alternate switch to allow for an alternative input..either via solar as already mentioned or more often required a generator system... make sure its convenient to allow a generator to work under cover whilst supplying current... channeling out will in general be included in the pricing but often because the electrician will not do the work tidying up.. refilling channels and around boxes will nor be priced in.. so if you are not able to do this make sure its priced.. the system means that the electrician walks around the house with you and  will draw on the walls.. what goes where.. its quite easy to then follow his diagram and do the work yourself.. always allowing long curves instead of right angles so that the wires will thread through easily... you then put in the flexi tubing.. make sure its large enough and then fix it with cement .. the sockets and light swithches will also have to have boxes inserted into the walls.. which will hold the outside fittings which are visble.. then these are covered with plates to finish.. agin the plates are very easy to sap on yourself.. which can reduce costs.. you will also find light fittings are left with just wires hanging and you have to fit the bulb holders.. dont look for any constant amongst wire colors.. the only one is the earth wire..negative and pos can be any color.. and it does not matter how they connect to appliances..or light fittings...   sockets .. aimd for doble sockets and have the two varieties.. there are maybe more.. which allows for both sorts of plugs available here.. although there now do quite a variety which allows all plugs to fit... for downstairs i would suggest that you get the feed to a breaker box fed least... and maybe a reliable socket.. this will alow you to work down there safely.. and anyway the unsafe older system will be cut off most probably so a few lights will be essential i would think... all comments regarding certificates are valid... and using a certified italian electrician will be essential.... you will not even be allowed to wire in a new gas boiler here if its doest meet the requirements...

Adriatica has given a comprehensive explanation of how electrics are installed in Italy. You can see that there is a lot of chasing out for the forasiti (tubes) through which the wires run. When you ask an electrician for an estimate do make sure that he has included all the 'builders' work' involved. If your walls are stone it is unlikely that the electrician will be willing to do his own chasing.

Sebastian is right when he says you should think about doing it all in one go, or at least the basics in one go -once its certified its done and you can tweak later till your hearts content.  Also Adriatica is right about the finishing.  But - round here electricians wont even do the channeling out - its all jobs for the boys -. so a builder to prepare, and finish off....  (Thanks Capo Boi for the compliment - experience is a great teacher!) 

... now know more detail and we have 17 sockets and 17 switches to rewire and update sockets and switches. From what we can see the in place 2 core (looks like 5 amp throughtout) is in plastic conduit with access points... We would need new untis for upstairs and down and are looking for quotes from any electrician in the Abruzzo area... 

... we now know from one electrician who has looked at the place in a little more detail that most of the upstairs is wired ok, with earth and almost up to standard (front plates are metal). So downstairs apart (which he said is most definitely unsafe) we only need the front plates updating, 2 rooms rewired and a new separate cooker supply...  Awaiting a quote from the builder this guy works for....