Design changes after permissions granted

brancusi Image
05/07/2012 - 17:50

We're getting close to finalising our house design in the Fermo region and I'm wondering what sort of changes can be made to the design once permissions have been granted - and at what cost. I'm pretty sure the footprint won't change - but for example, could we move the position of some windows, swap a window for a french door, change the internal layout etc once the comune have granted permission to build? If we could make changes - I'd be surprised if it was free - does anyone have an idea how much variations are likely to cost?I'm a bit sceptical of the italians locally who keep saying no problem no problem ... as in my experience there is usually a cost attached somewhere along the line!Grateful for any tipsBrancusi



Louisa, as GAIA have to install the meters why not give then a call or pop in to your nearest office, as they can do all the job.