fabric covered electrical wire

cossagirl Image
08/26/2009 - 04:52

Has anybody come across a supplier of the old type of fabric covered electrical wire?  We have a room with original old fresco's covering every wall and ceiling, and need to refurbish electrics.  It will be best to lay wires over the wall to save frescos. I've found  a supplier in USA, but was hoping to find someone in Italy.  Thanks



I have seen it installed in a house I inspected a couple of years ago. It has stone walls and the cable was used and added to the decoration. It was very beautiful. The wires were covered in a sort of a cord with some texture and the colour I saw was a dark brown. Later on I saw some small packets of precut wire in the local Brico shop. I have also seen photos of similar installations in some Italian Interior Decor magazines. Talk to your electrician. Good luck!