Getting back to UK during volcano chaos

marcella Image
04/19/2010 - 09:49

Anyone driving back to UK in  the next few days and would like to share the costs? We are stranded in Liguria, no flights, trains full! On  Radio 4 this morning it was reported that touts had bought up train tickets from Milan and were selling on the black market.



My son is stuck near Pescara. Was due to fly home last Saturday as due back to uni today! Re booked flight for next Saturday. But if that looks like it will be cancelled, he could get train up to your region and share costs from then onwards, we are going to hang fire until Wednesday then make a call. Only problem is as he is 19 he can't get insurence to drive hire cars. My husband is out there with him as they drove down to do work on our house and he wasn't planning to return to UK until 1st May! If your still there at end of week let me know!

Hi there Obviously we haven't got our own car here. We looked into hiring from here to Calais and were told that to hire a car with Italian number plates and drive it to Calais it would cost around £1000! The trains are all booked, so are the few coaches. Went down to the station today to make more enquiries and their screens were frozen!