Good Geothermal / Solar Grid Tie company in Marche (AP)?

brancusi Image
06/19/2010 - 08:44

I'm at the planning stage of our restoration in Marche having finally sorted out the various legal impediments! Contracts signed next week :)  I'd like the property to be relatively "green" so as to insulate ourselves from rising energy costs as much as anything else and have been looking at geothermal for heating (probably bore hole rather than trench) and solar PV for electricity. It looks as if my dreams of off-grid solar are basically hammered by inadequate battery technology and the cost of replacement every 5 years or so and now I'm looking at grid-tie PV which seems to be reasonably attractive if you take a long term view. The estimator at indicates a pay back period of 7 years and other calculations I've done suggest figures between 6 and 10 so I'm guessing that ballpark is about right. My question is - does anyone here know of a reputable renewable energy company that does work in the Ascoli Piceno region of Marche and could put together a complete proposal? I can find various companies online OK, but some personal recs would be handy if anyone here has done something similar. B.


Most expensive geothermal installation is borehole ......... next down are compact collectors ( approx 40 sq mtrs required) ......... lowest cost ground loops. Have you not enough land for a ground loop and what size is the property to be heated ........ rads or underfloor. Have a geothermal installation here, which you are quite welcome to come and see. Can also sort the PV situation for you as well. We are in Amandola, and I have 4 other installations in the area installed. PM me if you want more specific details.