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07/30/2009 - 11:39

we have just purchased a house in abruzzo, restoration required.Any help and advice will be great. Can any one advise me of the best italian banks, and insurance companys for building and contents insurance. thanks



Assicurazioni Generali (commonly known as Generali) is Italy's biggest insurance company and one of the strongest insurance companies in the world. They have a London office 0207 2656200. Quite possibly they won't be the cheapest as their financial strength means that they can command premium prices but as a first call they should be able to provide you with a decent idea for your house. Proper buildings insurance is higher in Italy compared to the UK so be prepared.

It would be cheaper to us a company like intasure who provide us with cover for about  £150 a year under a Holiday Home Policy.I like the Unicredito/Banca di Roma in Pescara and they've always been very helpful.I also have a Postepay Account that allows me to get cash from our local Post Office.I've put plenty of details and advice on myweb site and I've also got a diary section showing our rennovation project and its 'progres' !

I recommend Intasure every time they not only insure holiday homes but also permanent homes. Their rates are far more reasonable than Italian Companies and also better cover. I added earthquake cover two weeks after the disaster in l'Aquila for the princely annual sum of £17-00! with no questions asked.Rod

I think you have to be very careful with some of the cheaper policies. When you actually go through the policy document you may find that the cover offered is in fact very basic. This may be fine for you but you should not assume that it is of the equivalent buildings cover offered in the UK by the main UK companies. Go through the policy exclusions very carefully. For example, if frost causes a burst pipe that floods my house, am I insured? What is my excess if I have to make a claim for landfall or subsidence. Am I insured for wind damage to my greenhouse? Hopefully, none of us will ever have to claim but I'm of the view that you get what you pay for.

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 Abruzzo being a sizeable place its difficult to suggest banks and such...i would always go for something local... pescara as mentioned by myabruzzo home unless you live within a bus ride would be a nightmare in my opinion because of traffic and parking...the post office option is one i would agree with... but your local town should have a bank... generally at leat one coop type bank which are safe and secure and often very helpful in a local is no problem ...all general italian house insurance is cheap...the post office runs its own... and the reasonable priced insurance in the above suggestions are what i would call in line with normal prices here... if you have an apertment maybe you need to worry more...cause of condominium risks and claims from neighbours... even an attached house in a village can carry somewhat more risk as you can have neighbours which might end up one day making claims against you ...especialley if its major restoration works... although all projects here that are carried out by Italians will include insurance to cover you against claims from other parties and or accidents occuring during the works...dont be totally put off by fear creating posts you read on how terrible Italians are and that ex pats do a better job...  some are true...  but take your time ...get to know people and then work out whos telling you what and why and then make your choices... good luck with it all....

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quite frankly you'll require a bank almost immediately if you haven't already got you'll have to be paying out quite a lot of money.personally i've had a pleasant suprise using banks from the credito cooperativo group as opposed to more famous national banks and can there fore recomend your local BCC bank.,they are almost everywhere in far as insurance is concerned it's a bit early to worry about that (unless you particularly want to insure a ruin against   ...(?)howver once work has been completed and you actually have something to insure repeat the question,as there are lots of choices.