Hi All,Has any victims of Antonio Cieri from Better

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02/14/2022 - 05:05

Hi All,

Has any victims of Antonio Cieri from Better Property Italy managed to secure a conviction? I am curious to find out as I unfortunately ran out of money and could not pursue my claim further. From what I understand there was quite a few of us who were scammed and left without a property or a refund. 
Thank you 



Hi...just found your post, we have a family that were scammed by them for there entire life's savings, they are currently suing him privately and the police are involved with the amount of fraud involved, if you are happy to send your email I will pass it on and this may help you too...


Regards Tony

She found my review on Trust Pilot for Better Property Italy and reached out to me through message. 
I told her of my experience and wished her good luck, as I have had nothing but an awful experience with Antonio and his 2 associates, and hoped and prayed she would get her money back. It’s such an upsetting scenario for her and her family, she must be feeling so anxious.

I have had no positive experiences with this company, if you need any information from me please ask, I’ve got all correspondence from Better Property Italy still in my email.

 Thank you 


Hi English Lady

Please find me on Facebook Lisa Howard-Dagg, there is also a private group on there that I can direct you to. There are absolutely loads of us, please don’t feel alone, some in deeper than others, some have lost everything. If you want to chat here no problems too. Stay strong, we’ll help you through this