Hi, I am traveling to italy near the

05/25/2016 - 06:28

Hi, I am traveling to italy near the ending of June for 7 days and i will be staying near Milan. I have heard i could buy a milanocard to travel. Is it worth it? Also what are good attractions to see in Milan?Thanks!



The MilanoCard was introduced during the Expo 2015 (now over) and has been continued - it seems a good deal for someone trying to see as much of the city in a short time. See http://www.milanocard.it/ which is also in English.There are many things to see in Milan - off the top of my head the Last Supper by Da Vinci (Da Vinci spent a large part of his life in Milan and seemed happier in Milan than in Florence) - you need to book a viewing of the Last Supper in Basilica Santa Maria delle Grazie. Leonardo’s statue is in Piazza della Scala outside the Scala opera house not far from Il Duomo –  visit the Duomo cathedral’s massive interiors and see the rooftop views; then walk from Piazza del Duomo along via Dante to Castello Sforza, and park (Parco Sempione) beyond; then go to the Triennale (http://www.triennale.org/en/) design museumVisit the Navigli area famous for its lively night lifeAlso walk the "Quadrilatero della Moda” literal translation is “four sides of fashion” referring to the four streets, better translation is the Fashion District. The four streets are historically 1.via Montenapoleone 2. Via degli Spiga 3. Via Manzoni 4. Corso Venezia – but the first two are the quintessential fashion streets – fun to look at the extravagant shops and super high prices – I have never bought anything there but love to walk along it.Hope you have fun and enjoy yourself. Conor